Xavier Ragot

Group General Counsel at Christian Louboutin

Transitioning from a more independent role as private practice lawyer for seven years, Xavier Ragot joined the Christian Louboutin Group in 2009 as legal director and created the in-house legal department. As group general counsel, he now manages the Legal Department advising the Group on IP matters, digital enforcement, business affairs and corporate matters.

When setting up a legal department that is a global business partner, he successfully built an environment whereby legal awareness has grown significantly among operational staff members and the legal aspects of business projects are integrated at a very early stage. Adept at working collaboratively and drawing resources together, Mr Ragot has overseen the construction of a strong team of in-house and external lawyers to manage the company’s legal workload effectively. His position is now one of a team leader, with a global vision and defining global strategy, not limited to a legal expert.

Mr Ragot is very much involved in the protection and defence of Christian Louboutin’s IP rights globally, among them the famous ‘red sole’ trademark that is at the core of the brand’s unique fashion portfolio.


  • Fashion
  • Internet/online
  • Retail

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