William Mansfield

Director of Intellectual Property at ABRO Industries Inc

William Mansfield is director of intellectual property for ABRO Industries Inc, headquartered in South Bend, Indiana. ABRO exports a wide variety of household, automotive and light industrial goods such as glues, tapes and oils from the United States under the ABRO brand name to individuals and small businesses in developing nations worldwide. While virtually unknown in the United States, ABRO is a major brand name in countries such as Pakistan, Nigeria and Ecuador.

As director of intellectual property, Mr Mansfield is in charge of protecting the more than 2,000 trademarks that ABRO has registered in over 175 countries. Mr Mansfield has himself travelled to 55 countries and directed matters in more than 160. This involves coordinating the actions of attorneys, investigators and government officials on six continents (and he is hoping for a case in Antarctica to arise one day as well!).

Mr Mansfield speaks and writes extensively on the subject of practical and effective IP protection and rights enforcement in both China and the developing world. He is also a thought leader on brand protection for small and medium-sized US companies.

Mr Mansfield earned his JD from Indiana University, a BA in psychology from Purdue University, and is currently completing an MBA at Indiana University. He is certified in the investigation of transnational and organised IP crime by the international police organisation INTERPOL.

Professional associations

  • INTA
  • Quality Brands Protection Committee


  • Automobiles/parts
  • Construction
  • Personal/household

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ABRO Industries Inc
South Bend IN
United States

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