Guido Baumgartner

Vice President, Global Brand Protection at Coty Beauty Germany GmbH

Guido Baumgartner is vice president of global brand protection at Coty Germany GmbH. Following his graduation from Heidelberg University and studies in Lausanne, London and Heidelberg, he joined Commerzbank before moving into the fast-moving consumer goods sector at Benckiser in 1990.

Mr Baumgartner joined the cosmetics industry in 1994 as a legal director with Lancaster (now Coty Germany GmbH) and became head of the group’s global brand protection team in 2001.

Coty Germany GmbH handles many leading IP cases, with a focus on selective distribution both on national and EU levels. It has worked with many cosmetics brands, including Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Chloé, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Escada, Vivienne Westwood, Cerruti, Miu Miu, Lancaster, Vera Wang, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga and Lacoste.

In addition, the company has been involved with leading cases before the European Court of Justice, including: Davidoff (C-414/99) – which dealt with the burden of proof for the exhaustion rule; Tester (C-127/09); First Note (C-360/12); Sparkasse Magdeburg on Bankprivilege (C-580/13); and the landmark Coty v Akzente (C-230/16), as well as leading cases at the national level. Coty Germany GmbH is also very active in the fight against smell-alikes and lookalikes.


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