Gemma Cendrós Fandiño

IP Senior Legal Counsel at Puig

Gemma Cendrós Fandiño is a high-profile IP senior legal counsel with over 17 years' experience in intellectual property, especially in the luxury brands and consumer goods fields. She has served as both an IP legal adviser at a recognised IP firm and a corporate lawyer at Puig – one of the world’s leading fragrance and fashion companies.

Identified as one of the world’s 300 leading trademark professionals by the WTR 300 since its first edition in 2017, Ms Cendrós is widely considered as a committed professional, technically rigorous and excellent in designing business-oriented strategies, coordinating and executing plans and finding creative solutions. Further, she has built close partnerships with co-workers and developed great communication skills in order to promote useful interactions. Her social skills make her a valuable and influential partner. Born in Barcelona, she is a native speaker of both Spanish and Catalan, and is also fluent in English and French.  

At Puig, she is chiefly responsible for the IP management of the company’s lifestyle brands division, including a wide range of international, regional and local brands, both self-owned and licensed under different regimes. She is also the IP contact responsible for coordinating IP matters relating to the PRADA® licence in perfumery. Ms Cendrós is devoted to providing preventive IP legal advice, protecting IP assets, enforcing IP rights, facilitating business transactions and coordinating across projects and digital tools, while effectively managing a portfolio of around 3,800 registrations. Marketing and other internal teams positively assess her advice on IP matters.

Ms Cendrós is enthusiastic in making things happen in the business arena, while preserving and enforcing company rights and respecting third parties’ IP rights.


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