Richard Wolff

Deputy CEO at Valea AB

Richard Wolff is a highly experienced legal professional with an LLM from the University of Lund. He is specialised and well experienced in most legal, strategic and commercial aspects of IP law and related areas. Mr Wolff started working as an IP lawyer in 2000 and has since then specialised in the commercialisation of IP rights and general commercial law.

After almost 10 years of working at general law firms and IP law firms, Mr Wolff took on the role of vice president of corporate strategy at Wyless PLC. He subsequently co-founded R2B of Sweden AB, a venture management company focused on scaling up businesses with a foundation in patents.

While working for R2B, Mr Wolff was recruited by Tele2 IoT to be director of legal, regulatory and security – a position he held until he joined Valea AB in 2019.

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Valea AB
Sveavägen 24
PO Box 7086
Stockholm SE-103 87

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