Omar Baki

Managing Partner at BRANN AB

Omar Baki is an attorney at law and has been a partner at Brann AB since 2001. Prior to his appointment at Brann, he worked as a lawyer at Zanders Law between 1995 and 1997 and at Eurolawyers law firm between 1998 and 2001. Mr Baki has vast experience in dispute resolution with a focus on IP litigation.

Now a managing partner of Brann, Mr Baki represents his clients before all courts, including the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), and arbitral tribunals. He has experience in most industries with a focus on the life sciences, medtech and pharmaceuticals industries. He is fluent in Swedish, English, French and Arabic.

Mr Baki has more than 20 years of IP litigation experience in most fields of IP, marketing and trade secret law. He has successfully represented numerous high-profile clients such as Puma AG, Mondelez International and Tyco Corporation in litigations before the Swedish courts, including the Supreme Court, and arbitral tribunals – both institutional and ad hoc. He has also served as litigation coordinator for several clients for the Nordic countries and has earned vast experience in international litigation strategy. Two of Mr Baki’s focus areas within IP litigation are preliminary injunctions and dawn raid-type discovery actions; he has expertise in successfully navigating these uncertain waters. Mr Baki routinely advises Brann’s clients on when to use such litigation tools and adapts them to the client’s commercial needs.

Furthermore, Mr Baki works with multinational clients, providing advice on all aspects of prosecution, maintenance and enforcement, including the management of larger international trademark portfolios. Mr Baki has been involved in various branding projects covering, among other things, trademark structuring and strategies, and name creations. He frequently represents clients in opposition, cancellation and appeal proceedings before WIPO, the EUIPO and the national authorities in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Sample client list

  • Mondelez Int
  • Puma
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Tyco

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PO Box 3690
Stockholm 103 59

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