Molly Zhuang

Partner at Clyde & Co Westlink Joint Law Venture

Molly Zhuang has close to 15 years’ experience in managing complex evidence gathering and investigations, and all manner of IP enforcement in China. Her particular expertise lies in analysing cases, developing evidence collection strategies and implementing them. She is experienced in administrative enforcement, customs protection and border measures, trade fair surveys and trade fair IP enforcements, and supporting criminal enforcement proceedings.

Ms Zhuang is a skilled and experienced advocate before the Chinese government authorities – an essential element of success in China as the burden of proof in IP proceedings (and persuading the authorities to follow through with enforcement) falls onto the IP owners and, therefore, their legal team.

Experience highlights

  • Designed the evidence collection strategy for a leading water purifying supplier in an online counterfeiting case involving a seller in Zhejiang; Ms Zhuang succeeded in turning the case into criminal proceedings, provided legal opinions and lobbied the relevant authorities to obtain the arrest of five suspects
  • Coordinated trade fair work for a reputed eyeglass manufacturer, conducted a survey and managed onsite notarisation to preserve evidence for future legal actions; enforced the trademark and design rights to remove the infringing presentation
  • Handled urgent customs detention due to some valid trademark customs record applied by a bad-faith applicant and successfully led to Customs’ quick release of the shipment
  • Planned customs IP protection in different industries; delivered customs training and handled customs cases and authorisation, and responded to customs officials’ queries
  • Lobbied the competent administrative officials to issue a ‘guidance’ document to a local infringer as the piece of official evidence to prove bad-faith registration that lead to a successful invalidation of that trademark
  • Filed complaints against a well-established and influential commodity market in Hunan province and continued the efforts to cease the extensive infringement
  • Involved in planning and defending IP owners against infringement claimed by trademark squatters
  • Managed evidence collection strategies in different industries that lead to successful litigations and administrative actions

Professional associations

  • INTA
  • LES Scandinavia

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