Jorge Cruz

Founding Partner at J Pereira da Cruz SA

Jorge Cruz is one of the founding partners of J Pereira da Cruz and sits on the board of directors. Mr Cruz is an official industrial property agent, as well as a European patent attorney before the European Patent Office and a European trademark and design attorney before the EU Intellectual Property Office.

Mr Cruz received the Award of Merit from the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), at the Vienna Congress 1997; a tribute from the Portuguese IP Office at the Commemorative Session for the 30th anniversary of its creation in 2006; and a tribute at the First National Congress on intellectual property in 2008.

Mr Cruz represented Portugal for 30 years at numerous international associations and committees in the field of intellectual property:

  • member of honour of AIPPI, elected in 2003 at the Lucerne Congress;
  • honorary president of the Portuguese group of AIPPI, elected at the General Assembly of 2003;
  • member of the Royal Order of Our Lady of Conception of Vila Viçosa (2009);
  • Portuguese representative for the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) Patent Group, which drew up a draft EFTA patent (1965-1967);
  • coordinator of the committee appointed in 1996 by the Confederation of Portuguese Industry and the Portuguese Delegation of the International Chamber of Commerce to draw up a draft revision of the Industrial Property Code of 1995;
  • member of the committee appointed by the Portuguese government in 1998 to draw up the draft revision of the Industrial Property Code of 1995;
  • member of the committee which drew up Decree-Laws 176/80 of May 30 1980, 27/84 of January 18 1984 and 40/87 of January 27 1987, which made amendments to the Portuguese Industrial Property Code of 1940; and
  • author of books and articles, speaker at courses and seminars in Portugal and abroad.

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