Joan Kupersmith Larkin

Partner at Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Joan Kupersmith Larkin partners with clients to create and manage trademark registration and enforcement programmes that are realistic, legally sound and cost-effective. She works with clients at all levels and is as hands-on as needed.

The global landscape of trademarks presents challenges for clients, as does the cost of maintaining a portfolio. Clients often need help figuring out what’s best for their businesses. For example, a trademark portfolio with registrations in almost 200 countries might be smart and necessary for some clients, but unwise and costly for others. Ms Larkin works with clients to come up with cost-effective and realistic approaches to their trademark protection and trademark portfolio around the world. The same analysis and approach are used for worldwide trademark enforcement. Not all countries are equal, and not all countries merit trademark spend.

Having started her career as a trademark examining attorney, Ms Larkin brings a unique background to her clients’ matters. She has structured and run global trademark portfolios and enforcement programmes for major entertainment companies, restaurant chains and celebrities. While Ms Larkin is not a foreign attorney, she has extensive knowledge of, and experience with, the trademark laws of numerous countries.

With over 40 years of experience as a trademark attorney, Ms Larkin understands the realities of handling trademark filings and enforcing trademarks. This includes handling infringements for different kinds of brand – whether small and new or large and established. Ms Larkin also knows the ins and outs of domestic trademark protection and the workings of the USPTO. She served for many years on the Department of Commerce’s Public Advisory Committee for Trademark Affairs, has served on INTA’s Government Officials Training Committee and has been co-chair of the USPTO subcommittee that coordinates and presents numerous industry-specific training programmes for the USPTO’s trademark examining attorneys.

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  • ABA IP Section
  • INTA
  • California Lawyers Association

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