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George de Lucena is a counsel of Daniel Legal & IP Strategy. With 12 years of experience, his expertise covers all aspects of digital law and intellectual property, with an emphasis on brand protection strategies, internet law, privacy rights, data protection and cybercrime.

Mr de Lucena has handled litigation in many criminal court actions, mostly relating to the infringement of IP rights, privacy issues, unfair competition and environmental crimes. He has advised on matters relating to Brazilian IP law in general, has handled customs matters and developed and managed market surveys, investigations and intelligence work relating to cybercrime and brand protection.

Mr de Lucena is also helping the firm to innovate its brand protection service in order to protect clients’ brands while reducing their overall legal costs. He has developed a system for high-volume, low-cost tracking of potential client brand infringers that allows the firm to not only drive infringers from the market, but also to convert inadvertent infringers into licensed distributors.

In 2016 Mr de Lucena helped to capture lost revenue for a Fortune 500 company by deploying this tactic at the client’s request. As a result of his brand protection efforts, the firm recently collaborated with Brazilian customs and federal police agents in a successful anti-counterfeiting operation that netted more than 880 tons of counterfeit products worth approximately $140 million at one of Latin American’s largest and most notorious informal markets.

Mr de Lucena is a member of the Brazilian Institute for Criminal Sciences and the International Trademark Association’s Internet Committee.

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