Eirik Rødsand

Senior Partner at Onsagers AS

Eirik Rødsand, attorney at law and senior partner at Onsagers, is an experienced IP practitioner, primarily engaged in patent, trademark, design and marketing law. He has acquired special expertise in the establishment, management and enforcement of IP rights. As an attorney at law, Mr Rødsand has conducted infringement proceedings for patents and trademarks, as well as under the Marketing Control Act, before Norwegian courts. Furthermore, he has utilised his international network to assist clients pursuing IP rights internationally. Several of Mr Rødsand’s clients are Norwegian-based global companies. In an increasingly globalised market, Mr Rødsand assists his clients in securing market admission for goods and services – for example, by registering and licensing IP rights and performing freedom-to-operate analysis. Mr Rødsand is a specialist in securing clients’ rights to technology and brands through his in-depth knowledge of companies’ rights to employee inventions, and also by drafting research and development agreements and licence agreements. Mr Rødsand has been a member of the Norwegian Arbitration Committee for Employee Inventions.

Mr Rødsand has in-depth knowledge of international IP law, due to his previous work as Norwegian delegate to the European Patent Organisation Law Committee, the World Intellectual Property Organisation Standing Committee on the Law of Patents and Nordic coordination workshops for IP law. Mr Rødsand’s knowledge of international IP law is an important asset when working with his clients’ IP and business strategies.

Mr Rødsand specialises in IP law, marketing law, IP strategy, prosecution, employee inventions and licensing.

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