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Amendments to the Industrial Property Act: key points highlighted

Procedures for trademark revocation and declarations of invalidity will now be initiated before the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office.

17 August 2023

INTA lobbying spend increases dramatically as US lawmakers debate IP-related bills

New data reveals that INTA is engaging in more political lobbying in Washington DC than ever before.

16 August 2023

Pakistan amends Trademarks Act; Credit Suisse branding to be phased out; Google ads decision upheld – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the Mongolian IP office and the USPTO pledging cooperation, a security company launching an anti-cyber-attack tool for law firms, and much more.

15 August 2023

Can a registered company name amount to infringement and passing off of a trademark?

A recent case emphasises the need to align the register of companies and the register of trademarks as regards the reservation of company names.

15 August 2023

Will South Korea succeed in increasing platform liability for counterfeit goods? Don’t hold your breath

This week’s Saturday opinion considers bills being proposed in South Korea to increase the responsibility and liability of e-commerce platforms in combatting counterfeiting.

12 August 2023

‘Deferment of announcement of verdict’ provisions cancelled: how will this affect criminal liability in trademark infringement cases?

The development marks a significant shift in legal dynamics, particularly with regard to trademark enforcement.

11 August 2023

Critical GI lessons from influential K-Swiss dispute as Trademark Act demands increasingly careful consideration from applicants

The effects of the K-Swiss dispute before the Trademark Office are still being felt across India today, as absolute grounds of refusal under the Trademark Act are being more seriously deliberated. The office’s decision sheds light on the nuances of proving whether a trademark constitutes a geographical indication.

10 August 2023

Appeal court ruling outlines how to prove substantial differences between markets

In an education dispute, the 10th Circuit emphasised that establishing separate markets and detailing specific services for rights holders utilising a mark that closely resembles another in the same industry is critical.

10 August 2023

NFTs and IP: tracking the latest global case law

Meera Chature Sankhari and Sheetal Sharma at Jupiter Law Partners examine landmark judgments from around the world to reveal the precedents shaping the legal framework surrounding NFTs and intellectual property.

10 August 2023

Federal Circuit ruling emphasises influence of DuPont factors when evaluating similar marks

In reversing and remanding a TTAB decision, an appeal court has reaffirmed that carefully and accurately applying DuPont factors is critical in disputes involving similar registered and unregistered trademarks.

03 August 2023

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