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Proposed revisions to China’s trademark law take aim at bad-faith applications and boost protection

Featured in Asia-Pacific Trademark Litigation Review 2024

The country’s trademark infringement judgment criteria are set for a significant overhaul in coming years, compelling rights holders to closely analyse differences between the current and proposed legislation.

25 August 2023

Alternative methods to curb trademark squatting amid post-registration opposition abolition

A draft amendment to Taiwan’s Trademark Act is set to replace the post-registration opposition system with invalidation proceedings. It will introduce a trial and appeal board and will allow third parties to submit observations during the pre-registration examination process.

24 August 2023

General Court finds CAMEL marks confusingly similar

The EU General Court has found that two marks, CAMEL ACTIVE and CAMEL CROWN, are confusingly similar, in contrast to an earlier ruling by the Paris Court of Appeal on the same issue.

24 August 2023

ARTRESAN case offers clarity on submitting evidence of genuine use

An EU trademark challenge underlines the rules surrounding the submission of evidence of genuine use, in cases of late submission and the combined use of multiple marks.

23 August 2023

General Court allows new evidence of use of trade name in Germany on appeal

An EU General Court ruling has found in favour of a foreign company operating under a trade name in Germany, accepting evidence brought for the first time at appeal.

22 August 2023

Amendments to the Industrial Property Act: key points highlighted

Procedures for trademark revocation and declarations of invalidity will now be initiated before the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office.

17 August 2023

INTA lobbying spend increases dramatically as US lawmakers debate IP-related bills

New data reveals that INTA is engaging in more political lobbying in Washington DC than ever before.

16 August 2023

Pakistan amends Trademarks Act; Credit Suisse branding to be phased out; Google ads decision upheld – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the Mongolian IP office and the USPTO pledging cooperation, a security company launching an anti-cyber-attack tool for law firms, and much more.

15 August 2023

Can a registered company name amount to infringement and passing off of a trademark?

A recent case emphasises the need to align the register of companies and the register of trademarks as regards the reservation of company names.

15 August 2023

Will South Korea succeed in increasing platform liability for counterfeit goods? Don’t hold your breath

This week’s Saturday opinion considers bills being proposed in South Korea to increase the responsibility and liability of e-commerce platforms in combatting counterfeiting.

12 August 2023

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