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Draft amendment to the Trademark Act - what you need to know

Key changes include the abolishment of opposition proceedings and the introduction of the Trial and Appeal Board.

19 April 2023

“We aim to be as agile as possible” – exclusive interview with ARIPO DG Bemanya Twebaze

He outlines what brand owners need to know about recent changes at the organisation – and the major developments planned for the future.

18 April 2023

Class 9 overcrowding warning: INTA calls for uniformity in treatment of metaverse goods and services

INTA has released two reports exploring challenges and best practices surrounding trademark protection in the metaverse and NFT environments.

17 April 2023

“Rethinking everything” – USPTO pledges trademark overhaul as Vidal marks 12 months in office

In a press conference, USPTO Director Kathi Vidal revealed that the agency is in discussions to “rethink everything that we do within trademarks” – signaling that major changes could be ahead.

13 April 2023

How evolving regulations are affecting trademark registrations related to NFTS and virtual goods and services in 2023

The publishing of the latest edition of the Nice Classification on 1 January 2023 provides clarity for applicants by highlighting disparities among the Scandinavian approaches to navigating trademark registration in digital marketplaces.

13 April 2023

Repeat showdowns between Swiggy and GoDaddy shed light on key aspects of intermediary liability

In battles before the High Court of Bombay, the two companies drew attention to the nature of a domain registrar’s intermediary liability for infringement of another entity’s trademark in the lead-up to the impending Digital India Act.

06 April 2023

Fifth Circuit ruling proves charter schools are not immune from trademark suits

In its judgment of a trademark infringement appeal, an appeal court has leaned on the pre-established Clark factors to clarify charter schools’ access to sovereign immunity and the IP protections it traditionally provides public schools.

06 April 2023

Montenegro amends trademark and patent laws - what you need to know

Recent amendments to the trademark laws introduce important novelties, including the removal of the graphical representation requirement and the expansion of the list of absolute grounds for refusal.

06 April 2023

“One of the few effective mechanisms”: academic paper was wrong to target multi-seller litigation actions

This week’s opinion gives the other side of the argument in response to claims that US litigation actions targeting multiple online counterfeit sellers exploit legal loopholes to the detriment of the system.

01 April 2023

Urgent change required at the Indian trademark registry, research paper finds

A new research paper examining how India has implemented the Madrid Protocol since it was adopted 10 years ago has found significant ongoing issues that continue to blight brand owners.

31 March 2023

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