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Why the neurodivergent brain is an invaluable asset to the legal profession

Law firms need to change in order to truly benefit from neurodiverse talent, explains D Young & Co's Sophia Karim, in a candid reflection on what it means to be neurodivergent in the legal profession.

07 November 2022

Data reveals "surprising" speediness of applications filed by US attorneys with significant Chinese client base

Exclusive data has revealed that US trademark applications filed by attorneys who primarily represent applicants from China reach registration faster, on average, than other marks.

27 October 2022

Something’s got to give: IP industry must rethink workload expectations or risk losing talent

Most IP professionals are experiencing serious stress or anxiety, a new mental health report warns. Workplace initiatives to support employees are improving, but more needs to be done to tackle the problem at its roots.

24 October 2022

IBA launches mentorship toolkit to empower women in legal

The IBA Women Lawyers’ Committee Mentorship Toolkit provides a mini industry benchmark for law firms that recognise the business case for tackling gender disparity.

11 October 2022

UPS law firm diversity scheme winners revealed as corporate DEI programmes push on despite challenges

Despite some bumps in the road, the momentum behind corporate schemes to drive DEI in the law firm sector are clearly gathering momentum.

08 October 2022

WTR Global Leaders: Corporate Trademark

Featured in WTR Global Leaders 2022

03 October 2022

WTR Global Leaders: Private Practice

Featured in WTR Global Leaders 2022

03 October 2022

Is your firm doing enough to promote diversity and inclusion?

WTR wants to know what more can be done to support D&I in the trademark workplace and wider community.

28 September 2022

Brand protection in 2027: new WTR Special Report released

WTR’s latest Special Report, available now to subscribers, explores what life could look like for brand protection professionals in 2027.

27 September 2022

The law firm of 2027: lessons for the future from a cutting-edge trademark department

Featured in WTR Special Report Q3 2022: Brand protection 2027: Why trademark practitioners must prepare for the future now

Simmons & Simmons’ Darren Meale, Ben McGuire and George Chan reveal some of the unique ways that their firm is helping clients with ingenious tools and services, and what an effective law firm trademark department might look like in 2027

27 September 2022

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