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Norway fee changes; Foot Locker brand reset; UKIPO launches Wallace & Gromit competition – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at how the Frosties brand fell victim to new UK regulations, an invitation to participate in Mongolian customs training, and much more.

24 March 2023

The state of the trademark industry: take a few minutes to have your say

WTR has launched its annual Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey, designed to give trademark practitioners the opportunity to share their opinion on the industry.

23 March 2023

Recessions, counterfeiting and Web3: industry experts offer tips to overcome the latest brand protection challenges

In-house leaders, law firm experts and industry specialists share their insights at WTR's Trademark Summit Europe.

20 March 2023

Trends and changes in the trademark industry: share your perspective

WTR is seeking the insights of IP professionals as part of our annual Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey in an effort to get an accurate picture of the trademark sector.

17 March 2023

Malaysian IP practice has “no glass ceiling”, but why are younger female lawyers leaving?

Maxis IP specialist Kimberly Tey discusses gender representation and women leaders in the legal field.

10 March 2023

Women make up roughly 57% of trademark associates, but only 37% of partners – exclusive data analysis

WTR 1000 Analytics data uncovers gender diversity trends at trademark practices in major jurisdictions, highlighting the need for further action to support female talent.

08 March 2023

How one Japanese IP lawyer is meeting gender challenges head on

Survey reveals that most female lawyers in Japan experience negative consequences on career due to childbirth and childcare

08 March 2023

“The traditional IP career pathway is breaking down”: how to continue supporting women in IP

WTR hears from Cordillera IP founder and former in-house counsel Lisa Ritchie about the evolving opportunities for women in the IP industry.

06 March 2023

Who are the IP industry’s icons? Help us to choose this year’s IP Hall of Fame inductees

WTR's our sister platform IAM has this week launched its annual search to identify outstanding individuals to induct into the IP Hall of Fame.

03 March 2023

“IP professionals need to do better” to address gender issues in Hong Kong’s IP industry

A study on the local legal sector reveals that women in law face gender bias and microaggressions daily.

02 March 2023

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