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Nike settles John Geiger suit; COCOELLA mark cancelled; Bed Bath & Beyond cuts private label brands – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the outgoing UKIPO head reflecting on the past and future, thousands of bags of fake rice being seized in Kenya, and much more.

02 September 2022

Don’t dew it: Second Circuit cans likelihood of confusion argument

In this dispute between Rise Brewing and PepsiCo over the latter’s use of the word ‘rise’ for energy drinks, the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has found that the district court had erred in assessing the strength of the trademark RISE.

02 September 2022

Infringers in paint sector kept in check during Peruvian independence celebrations

It is hoped that these actions involving counterfeit paint will serve as a strong deterrent to all infringers in the home improvement sector.

02 September 2022

WWE reveals strategy behind Amazon enforcement collaboration

WWE vice president of intellectual property Matthew Winterroth explains what went into the company’s recent joint action with Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit.

01 September 2022

Counterfeit hotspots in Cyprus that you must be aware of

Featured in Physical marketplace counterfeit hotspots

In an updated edition from our series into physical marketplaces that reportedly engage in the trade of counterfeit goods, we head to the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

01 September 2022

Delhi High Court restrains use of PUMA for GPS and anti-theft devices

Following a joint compromise application capturing the terms of a settlement between the parties, the Delhi High Court has decreed a trademark infringement suit involving Puma in favour of the sports giant – and made some interesting observations while doing so.

01 September 2022

Court considers issue of jurisdiction in cancellation actions

A court has recently held that cancellation actions based on the ground of renewal by filing a false statement of use, as well as those based on the ground of bad faith, are to be decided by the courts - and not by the Trademark Office.

01 September 2022

International arbitration can be key to resolving metaverse and NFT disputes but lawyers must keep up

Venue selection is also critical when a dispute arises, a panel of experts advise.

01 September 2022

USPTO® – US federal IP agency secures registered trademarks in effort to tackle fraud

USPTO director Kathi Vidal tells WTR that obtaining registered trademark protection is “another important step in our comprehensive effort to curtail trademark fraud”.

31 August 2022

Biscuit packaging appeal crumbles

The case highlights the difficulties in obtaining protection for the packaging of goods, even when such packaging differs from that of competitors.

31 August 2022

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