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adidas successfully protects trademark for iconic Telstar football

The case demonstrates that, even when a rights owner does not hold any trademark registration in the country, it is possible to oppose applications by relying on bad faith.

08 September 2022

China Customs’ “Batch of Typical Cases of IP Infringement” highlights importance of customs recordal

The “Batch of Typical Cases” serves as an important reminder to rights holders that recordal with Customs is a powerful tool to protect brands in China.

07 September 2022

Single t-shirt sale can’t clothe bare-bones personal jurisdiction claim

The behaviour alleged by the plaintiff, which included a single instance of an allegedly infringing t-shirt being sold and shipped to a Missouri consumer, was insufficient to support a specific jurisdiction claim.

07 September 2022

EUIPO celebrates 28th anniversary; FIFA to launch NFT platform; Citroën and Polestar settle logo dispute – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Primark settling a Truworths dispute, the Prince estate prevailing against an energy drink company, and much more.

06 September 2022

“It’s high time someone does this”: new domain blocking service prepares for launch

A new brand protection offering seeks to make abusive name blocking easy across all TLDs.

06 September 2022

A ‘karate battle’: appointed person assesses bad faith as ground to protect trademark abroad

This dispute involving the mark MR MIYAGI’S for bar and restaurant services illustrates how a bad-faith claim can cross the territorial boundaries of trademarks if dishonest conduct is involved.

06 September 2022

Recent case highlights lack of harmonisation between courts’ approach and PTO’s practice

The case considered whether the well-known status argument could be asserted in an action for the cancellation of the PTO decision, even if no appeal was filed against the rejection of such argument before the PTO.

06 September 2022

The consequences of (and uncertainty over) trademark invalidations in China

Questions remain over whether Chinese rights holders, having successfully invalidated an infringing trademark, can obtain compensation for the damage suffered during the previous lifespan of the mark.

05 September 2022

CJEU: member states are obliged to prevent use of PDOs on goods exported to third countries

The CJEU has held that, by failing to prevent or stop the use by Danish dairy producers of the PDO ‘Feta’ to designate cheese not complying with the product specification, Denmark had failed to fulfil its obligations under Article 13 of Regulation 1151/2012.

05 September 2022

Federal Administrative Court confirms refusal of mark consisting of two crescents

The court concluded that the Federal Law on the Protection of the Sign and Name of the Red Cross prohibits the use of any red crescent, irrespective of its shape and orientation.

05 September 2022

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