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INTA files amicus brief in TRUMP TOO SMALL case; Diesel wins dispute; Wilko brand sold – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Netcraft acquiring FraudWatch, a watermelon wedge trademark cancellation being upheld, and much more.

15 September 2023

How the Seiko Epson IP division directly supports commercial growth

A 200-strong IP division supports innovation and business growth at one of the world’s biggest printer technology companies.

14 September 2023

Appeal court finds that unauthorised Harry Potter concerts do not infringe Warner Bros’ trademark

Use of the name Harry Potter in Star Entertainment’s Harry Potter-themed concerts was found to be merely descriptive of the concerts’ content.

14 September 2023

Federal Court of Appeals rules in opposition proceedings involving identical marks

The decision confirms that there is no need to prove bad faith in cases where a trademark is blatantly copied.

14 September 2023

District court rules in favour of Tesla against second-hand car dealer

The court paid particular attention to the circumstances indicating the defendant’s bad faith.

13 September 2023

“Artists stand no chance”: viral painter speaks out after takedowns from Hasbulla, Post Malone and Warner Bros

Popular Instagram artist Rory Paints laments what he perceives as a David versus Goliath situation between artists and major brands.

12 September 2023

High Court considers impact of Brexit and REULA in ADVANCETRACK keyword advertising case 

The court considered the impact of Brexit on the assessment of infringement, especially as “seismic changes” to EU-derived domestic legislation are on the horizon.

12 September 2023

IP High Court rejects position mark for Dr Martens yellow welt stitching

A key factor in this case was that the application was not limited to a particular colour of shoes.

12 September 2023

Dilution of well-known mark and applicant’s bad faith: PTO issues exemplary decision

The decision is noteworthy in that it examined the conditions for dilution of a well-known mark under Article 6/5 of the IP Code.

11 September 2023

Is our IP system ready for a decentralised, digital future?

A new WIPO paper reveals whether existing legal frameworks are sufficient to localise IP infringement in Web 3.0 and the metaverse.

08 September 2023

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