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Significant raids carried out against several shopping galleries in Lima City

The presence of the criminal authorities in key locations across Lima City was crucial to the success of these operations.

22 September 2022

Failure to record trademark assignment supports dismissal

A written trademark assignment agreement presented as evidence of intent has been deemed insufficient to demonstrate ownership, leading to the dismissal of a coffee company’s infringement claim.

22 September 2022

Not just THEOretically but also practically, Delhi High Court helps settle THEOS dispute

The case is interesting in that the court resolved the dispute by issuing directions.

21 September 2022

BOY LONDON: Supreme Administrative Court considers registrability of trademarks containing foreign city name

An official objection on the ground that a trademark is misleading cannot be overcome by submitting evidence showing that the mark has acquired a secondary meaning through longstanding and extensive use.

20 September 2022

V versus V: assessment of similarity between one-letter trademarks

This recent decision of the IP Court is significant in that it provides guiding principles concerning the assessment of the similarity between trademarks consisting of only one letter.

16 September 2022

Seal of disapproval: TTAB refuses registration of county logos

A logo adopted by a government entity does not have to be “official” to constitute an insignia for which trademark registration is prohibited under Section 2(b) of the Trademark Act.

16 September 2022

A metaverse dystopia, UDRP tips, diversity in brand protection: eight key takeaways from Online Brand Protection Europe

Strategic takeaways from in-house leaders, law firm experts and industry specialists at this week's Brand Protection Online Europe event.

15 September 2022

WHOIS disclosure report sparks concern as ICANN75 looms

Brand owners are preparing their response to a newly released proposal for a system giving access to WHOIS data.

15 September 2022

Crocs Inc prevails in long-running fight to protect its Classic Clog

Following a five-year dispute that went all the way to the Court of Appeals, Crocs Inc has obtained the annulment of a trademark registration that reproduced its highly popular Classic Clog.

15 September 2022

E-commerce platform’s suggested-seller function leads to finding of passing off

An online seller has scored an important point against a major Indian e-commerce site before the Delhi High Court. The site has a function that suggests users visit other sellers’ pages, which, in this case, promoted the products of unrelated third-party sellers that were taking advantage of the plaintiff’s brand.

15 September 2022

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