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How HDMI LA approaches brand protection, and boosts revenues through its efforts

In an exclusive interview with WTR, leaders from HDMI LA's licensing and trademark teams explain the secrets behind their success.

21 July 2022

Supreme People’s Court releases new rules on jurisdiction over first-instance IP cases

Understanding the changes brought about by the Supreme People’s Court’s new judicial interpretation will be crucial for every rights owner and counsel wishing to litigate IP disputes in China.

21 July 2022

HENRY and RONALDINHO trademark decision highlights need for famous individuals to keep their eye on the ball

The UKIPO cannot, at the application stage, reject trademark applications because they feature the names of famous individuals.

21 July 2022

Manolo Blahnik success is encouraging sign for foreign brands in China

After 22 years, Manolo Blahnik has won the right to use its name in China, suggesting that the country is “serious about curbing bad-faith applications”.

20 July 2022

General Court confirms refusal of PLUMAFLEX due to similarity with earlier reputed trademark PUMA

In a victory for multinational footwear and apparel company Puma, the General Court has agreed with the EUIPO that the figurative mark PLUMAFLEX for footwear was similar to the earlier mark PUMA for identical goods.

20 July 2022

“A new company with an iconic brand”: the rebirth of Polaroid

Polaroid is conducting the ultimate brand clean-up operation. We sit down with the company’s global IP counsel to find out more.

19 July 2022

High Court clarifies approach to pure colour marks

In the long-running dispute between Cadbury and Nestlé over the colour purple mark, the High Court has clarified how the Court of Appeal’s 2013 judgment involving the same parties should be applied to pure colour marks.

19 July 2022

The BALLON D'OR case, or why the specification must accurately reflect the goods and services offered

The decision is noteworthy in that it brings the focus on trademarks used in the context of a periodic event.

18 July 2022

FLOOR XPERT case: IPOS considers meaning of ‘use to acquire distinctiveness’

Use of a mark in a brand owner’s corporate name, website and/or social media handle may constitute use of the mark for the purposes of trademark registration.

18 July 2022

All’s fair in LUV (INJECTION) and war

The case highlights how there can be no assumption that, in certain circumstances, goodwill vests in or passes between particular individuals or groups without an agreement to that effect.

15 July 2022

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