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Beijing High Court invalidates trademark pre-emptively registered by squatter under Article 15(2)

Owners of earlier unregistered trademarks may rely on Article 15(2) where they can prove that a squatter had knowledge of their marks based on interactions that do not qualify as contractual or business relations.

24 July 2023

Innovation at the EUIPO: spotlight on value-add tools and services

In the third and final part of exclusive insights from the EUIPO, the agency shares information on some of the cutting-edge services it offers.

24 July 2023

Innovation at the EUIPO: spotlight on public outreach and knowledge sharing

Featured in IP office tools and services

In the second part of exclusive insights from the EUIPO, the registry shares more of its innovative services, this time focusing on its cutting-edge approach to public outreach.

21 July 2023

General Court provides insights on how to prove genuine use

Notably, the decision highlights that use of a mark in connection with the service of manufacturing clothing does not amount to use of that mark in connection with clothing.

21 July 2023

Making lemonade out of lemons: what have we learnt from TACO TUESDAY?

Taco John’s’ decision to abandon its TACO TUESDAY registration is a business-savvy response to a death by genericide.

20 July 2023

KF Global Brands Ltd v Lead Wear Ltd: cargo trousers under close inspection

A change to a pre-existing design was found insufficient to give rise to unregistered design rights in the article as a whole.

20 July 2023

Strict requirements by Indonesian Customs put off rights holders

Indonesian Customs is “very active” in encouraging IP recordation, but few rights holders have succeeded.

19 July 2023

TTAB finds that guitar-shaped hotel building is inherently distinctive

The TTAB found that the building shape of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino constituted inherently distinctive trade dress.

19 July 2023

TÜRKPATENT provides important guidance on bad-faith ground in oppositions

The reasoning provided by TÜRKPATENT in a recent case may serve as a guide when considering whether to raise bad faith as a ground for opposition.

19 July 2023

Trader Joe's sues employee union; Casio registers 3D mark; UKIPO head praises CPTPP treaty – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the USPTO formalising its programme for minor issues of misconduct, VerifyMe's strategic reorganisation, and much more.

18 July 2023

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