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Trade secret litigation and arriving at a definition of ‘commensurate’ security measures

Featured in Inside China’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

Recent Supreme People’s Court judgments attempt to answer the questions of what kinds of security measures are accepted as commensurate, what the underlying theories are behind the word ‘commensurate’, and what aspects rights holders should pay attention to when adopting security measures.

27 September 2023

AMC prevails in Better Call Saul suit; adidas opposes GOLF stripe logo; Operation Vulcan update – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Molson Coors being denied a retrial in the Stone Brewing dispute, Europol warning of the biggest counterfeit targets, and much more.

26 September 2023

Belarus creates legal framework for parallel imports

The Belarus government has opened the country’s market to parallel imports under certain conditions.

26 September 2023

Latin or Greek letters? The LΛΛVΛ case

The General Court found that the relevant public could not be expected to perceive the symbol ‘Λ’ as the Greek capital letter ‘lambda’.

25 September 2023

Brand YouTuber: how leading video stars are becoming more IP savvy

A WTR investigation finds that some of the world’s leading YouTube content creators are becoming increasingly more sophisticated when it comes to trademark protection.

22 September 2023

Reform of the Industrial Property Code: greater protection for designations of origin and seizures possible at all trade fairs

The amendments notably introduce an express prohibition to the registration of signs that “evoke, usurp or imitate geographical indications and designations of origin protected under national or EU law”.

22 September 2023

Trademark hijacking across the region and how to overcome it

Featured in Asia-Pacific Trademark Prosecution Review 2024

More and more Chinese brands are becoming known by overseas consumers, largely thanks to the Belt and Road Initiative. It is critical that Chinese companies know how to protect their brands overseas – especially throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

22 September 2023

Taiwan: draft amendments aim to attract more rights holders to apply for protection

Featured in Asia-Pacific Trademark Prosecution Review 2024

Internationalisation has always been the goal pursued by Taiwan’s IP legal system. Through the newest amendments to the Trademark Act, simplified registration procedures and reduced costs will encourage enterprises to invest in innovation, thereby promoting market competition and economic development.

22 September 2023

Will your IP damages expert opinion be heard?

New data reveals the inconsistent rate at which damages expert opinions are excluded from US IP litigation.

21 September 2023

General Court confirms Board of Appeal’s finding of illustrative and token use in relation to games packages and gambling devices

It was apparent from the evidence that the word ‘gladiators’ was not used independently, but formed part of games packages comprising more than a hundred games.

21 September 2023

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