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US film financier loses to ‘gripe site’

The respondent’s use of the domain name ‘’ for a non-commercial criticism site was found to be protected under the UDRP.

20 June 2022

Unsubstantiated chain of events for cycling company in UDRP case

The case highlights the importance and relevance of the trademark and domain registration dates when it comes to assessing bad-faith registration claims.

16 June 2022

How strong trademarks such as NIKE and MARLBORO can fail in cybersquatting cases

Past cases warn would-be complainants of the need to conduct a thorough investigation into a domain name registrant’s motives before filing a UDRP complaint. Where a registrant holds a domain for its generic value, rights holders are unlikely to succeed even if they have strong marks.

09 June 2022

‘.au’ direct launched - what you need to know

Current holders of Australian second-level domain names have priority, under the Priority Allocation Process, to apply for the corresponding domain names directly under ‘.au’ until 20 September 2022.

08 June 2022

DNS Abuse Institute to launch centralised tool for reporting domain name abuses

The DNS Abuse Institute has developed NetBeacon, a one-stop location to reduce friction and ease exchanges between registries, registrars, brands and other stakeholders seeking to stop domain name abuses.

01 June 2022

UDRP: proof of targeting essential for acronym trademarks

It is crucial to prove that a disputed domain name was registered to target a particular trademark owner, especially when it consists of an acronym that may be subject to various interpretations.

27 May 2022

How generic word marks can prevail in cybersquatting cases

A case involving the generic term ‘polka dot’ demonstrates how brand owners can still recover generic domain names when registrants use them in a manner that directly relates to their trademark.

26 May 2022

UDRP: it all boils down to evidence

The case serves as a reminder of a basic, yet crucial principle: any claim must be substantiated by supporting evidence.

23 May 2022

Respondent's business model .sucks

The present case is one of over a dozen UDRP cases filed against respondent Honey Salt Ltd.

16 May 2022

WIPO temporarily suspends ‘.ua’-DRP proceedings

The ‘.ua’-DRP administrative proceedings will resume once the martial law regime is lifted in Ukraine.

13 May 2022

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