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The limits of the UDRP in trademark and commercial disputes

Many cases are being dismissed by UDRP panels on the basis that they exceed the scope of the panel. Looking at examples of such cases can give brand owners critical insights into how to avoid such issues.

21 July 2022

UDRP complainants beware: investigations are essential before filing a complaint

Complainants should think twice before filing a UDRP complaint when a domain name registration substantially pre-dates their trademark rights, in which case bad faith can be established only in very limited circumstances.

20 July 2022

Spat over WHOIS access escalates as FDA hits back at ICANN response

The US Food and Drug Administration has highlighted struggles obtaining responses from registries and registrars when seeking registrant data.

18 July 2022

New tool launched to track trademarks in alternative domain roots

Speaking to WTR, EnCirca's president expanded on the offering and addressed the scepticism that surrounds blockchain domains.

15 July 2022

UDRP respondent skilfully shows unbroken chain of possession

Where a respondent can provide evidence of an unbroken chain of possession of a disputed domain name, the changes to registrant contact information in the WHOIS record will not be treated as a new registration.

12 July 2022

‘’ dispute: a tale of two ‘green labs’

Although there may be some conceptual overlap, trademark infringement and the abusive registration of domain names within the meaning of Paragraph 4(a) of the UDRP are not always the same thing.

06 July 2022

NFTs, UDRPs, Amazon brand protection update: insights from WTR Connect 2022

Takeaways from last week’s WTR Connect virtual event, including exclusive insights from brand professionals at Amazon, Verizon and the EUIPO.

04 July 2022

New draft of EU cybersecurity measures boasts stronger WHOIS provisions, but there are caveats

Requires collection, verification and sharing of accurate WHOIS data within GDPR context.

29 June 2022

UDRP complainant loses bet for Bette

The respondent's explanation that the domain name ‘’ was registered because it was a common female name was found to be "plausible".

27 June 2022

WHOIS developments, GI protections, DNS abuse and the next round: ICANN74 talking points

Return to in-person meeting sees focus on new and old issues.

24 June 2022

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