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$107 million-a-year ticketing system: ICANN presents initial SSAD projections

ICANN presented the Governmental Advisory Committee with a briefing on the estimated costs and fees associated with the proposed System for Standardised Access/Disclosure last week. The session highlighted ICANN’s uncertainty over likely use levels, resulting in wide-ranging cost predictions and questions over whether the system will be built in its currently proposed form.

17 January 2022

Evidence of targeting is not merely a plus

A UDRP panel has refused to order the transfer of the domain name ‘’ to the owner of the mark SOHOPLUS - not least because the domain name was registered several years before the complainant’s first use of the term.

12 January 2022

Four predictions for an unpredictable world: what to expect from domain names in 2022

Com Laude's Nick Wood and Hayath Hussein offer four likely scenarios for the domain name landscape in the year ahead.

10 January 2022

Be careful what you wish for: potential pitfalls in takedown requests

A takedown request with has come back to bite the requesting party when its trademark registration was successfully challenged by the recipient of the request.

10 January 2022

Supreme Court confirms that purchase of competitors’ trademarks as keywords on search engines does not violate unfair competition law

This is one of two Norwegian Supreme Court decisions handed down on the same day regarding the relationship between trademark law and unfair competition law.

07 January 2022

WTR’s annual IP Office Innovation Ranking reveals the trademark agencies at the cutting edge

Featured in Special Report 2021 Q4: Next generation innovation at IP offices

Our key findings from this year’s exclusive research project analysing the noncore tools and services offered by the world’s top 60 IP offices shows positive momentum – but there is still much to be done to close the innovation gap.

05 January 2022

IP Office Innovation Ranking 2021

Featured in IP office Innovation

05 January 2022

Overcoming the challenges of rising online brand threats: a year in trademarks

Corsearch president of trademark solutions Stephen Stolfi reveals how a string of acquisitions and the growing risks for brands online have defined his past 12 months.

29 December 2021

The fight against counterfeits online: perspectives from an e-commerce platform

Andy Chua, senior vice president of the Lazada IP Rights Protection Team, reveals how Southeast Asia’s leading e-commerce platform protects IP rights online while meeting rights holders’ needs for efficiency and responsiveness.

22 December 2021

New bill aimed at tackling illegal online pharmacies introduced in US Senate

One market expert tells WTR that, if enacted, the bipartisan bill would provide powerful new protections to keep consumers safe from counterfeit and illegal drugs.

16 December 2021

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