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Targeting is essential for a transfer under the UDRP

The decision highlights the difficulties of establishing bad faith in a passive holding case where targeting evidence is scarce.

14 November 2023

Brand enforcement in the ‘.ai’ domain space needs to be a priority

New research finds major brands exposed in the ‘.ai’ TLD space, meaning that it needs to be at the top of the domain monitoring list – before it’s too late.

11 November 2023

X username sale plan; OpenAI launches Copyright Shield; Temu sues scam websites – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the US Federal Reserve sending a cease and desist letter, Wish launching a counterfeit data report, and much more.

07 November 2023

UDRP: the pivotal role of substantial evidence

UDRP complaints should be thoroughly substantiated and not contain bare assertions.

07 November 2023

WHOIS data discussions and internet governance: key takeaways from ICANN78 in Hamburg: Domain Watch (Oct/Nov)

Winterfeldt IP Group’s Brian J Winterfeldt, Glen de Saint Géry and Emily Murray report on discussions at the ICANN78 meeting.

03 November 2023

Germany: Trademark Procedures Before the DPMA

Featured in The Trademark Prosecution Review 2024

A comprehensive guide to Germany’s trademark law is vital for any party seeking to protect its rights before the DPMA and enforce them before the German courts. A deep dive into this highly technical area can give rights holders a significant competitive edge.

27 October 2023

UDRP complaint proves a bridge too far

Having a trademark, by itself, does not necessarily mean that the owner will succeed in obtaining the transfer of a domain name under the UDRP, even if it is identical to such mark.

16 October 2023

Do not delay challenging domain name registrations

A crucial factor in this case before the New Zealand Domain Name Commission what that the parties had been operating for almost 30 years under their respective brands.

13 October 2023

Legitimate use prevails in UDRP case

The decision underscores the importance of genuine, legitimate use and prior trademark registrations in defending a UDRP case.

09 October 2023

The central role of the UDRP: abusive cybersquatting cases

The case serves as a reminder that the UDRP was not designed to deal with all types of disputes relating to domain names.

03 October 2023

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