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Increasing demand for sustainability calls time on fast fashion, but brands must tread carefully as they adapt

A growing focus on sustainability is having a significant impact on fashion and apparel brands. The best protection strategy will need authenticity and accuracy at its core, argues this week's Saturday opinion.

16 July 2022

Unauthorised brand use on OpenSea still widespread as more NFT marketplaces launch

IP infringement is still prevalent on OpenSea, a WTR investigation finds, but one expert claims the platform is working on changes that could be “fantastic for brand owners”.

14 July 2022

Brand jamming: international perspectives on a reputational risk

Businesses have long observed their brands used in public interest and other campaigns without permission, opening up the risk of reputational harm.

14 July 2022

Notable trends in trademark litigation and enforcement in China: takeaways from QBPC’s top 10 cases lists

QBPC’s selected cases highlight new methods of calculating damages and compensation, the use of big data, and increased cooperation between authorities and businesses.

13 July 2022

The battle for Dunder Mifflin: the global effort to trademark a fictional paper company

NBCUniversal has challenged a US trademark for DUNDER MIFFLIN, with the applicant hitting back at what he calls “puffed-up claims”.

13 July 2022

Why you cannot afford to ignore the metaverse

As brands amass on the sidelines, the numbers say the metaverse has to be taken seriously.

09 July 2022

Filing applications via the e-Albania platform: what you need to know

The Supervisory Council of the General Directorate of Industrial Property has approved Decision No 4 dated 20 June 2022, which regulates the submission of applications through the e-Albania platform.

08 July 2022

10 biggest corporate trademark portfolios revealed

We reveal the 10 companies with the biggest active trademark portfolios in China, Europe and the United States

07 July 2022

Regulating online shopping after the pandemic

The growth of e-commerce and m-commerce is making life easy for counterfeiters, but legislators and courts may yet come to the rescue of IP owners, while consumers are becoming more receptive to messages about brand integrity.

07 July 2022

APPSTREAM refusal upheld on appeal

In a blow to Amazon Technologies, the Board of Appeal has agreed with the ISIPO that the word mark APPSTREAM lacked distinctive character for certain services in Class 42.

06 July 2022

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