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A year of fraud at the USPTO: why more needs to be done to tackle trademark filing scams

After an unprecedented rise in fraud targeting users at the USPTO, we look back at a tempestuous year of scams and identify more actions that can be taken to protect users in the future.

20 January 2022

WTR Brand Elite analysis: December 2021

Featured in Stock market performance

The WTR Brand Elite indices rose five points in the month ending 31 December, hitting its highest level since we started tracking the indices four years ago.

20 January 2022

Good news for brand owners as DIP updates expedited trademark procedures

Changes to the existing ‘Renewal Fast-Track’ programme and ‘First Action Fast-Track’ programme, as well as a new notification on expedited trademark examination, will be welcomed by trademark owners and practitioners.

19 January 2022

UK government maintains current exhaustion regime – for now

The UK government has announced that its current exhaustion of IP rights regime will continue following a consultation over possible changes. However, the announcement comes with a big caveat.

19 January 2022

Halloumi lovers cheesed-off by GRILLOUMI BURGERS

These General Court decisions serve as a reminder that certification marks are not protected geographical indications of origin and cannot be relied upon as such.

18 January 2022

Unilever investor criticism highlights balancing act for brands

Criticism of Unilever’s sustainability focus by a major shareholder should not be taken at face value, argues our latest opinion column.

15 January 2022

Russia to join Geneva Act of Lisbon Agreement, further integrating into global IP system

The move is expected to have significant protection benefits for local and international brands.

14 January 2022

USPTO director confirmation vote delayed; Snap Spectacles lawsuit; Reckitt to sell E45 brand – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the USPTO unveiling an administrative sanctions process, illegal online pharmacies legislation gaining momentum, and much more.

07 January 2022

Decades-long Havana Club dispute enters next phase as Bacardi launches new legal action

Bacardi launched legal action against the USPTO last week, asking the court to set aside an earlier decision and declare that Cubaexport’s HAVANA CLUB US trademark registration expired in 2006.

04 January 2022

Overcoming the challenges of rising online brand threats: a year in trademarks

Corsearch president of trademark solutions Stephen Stolfi reveals how a string of acquisitions and the growing risks for brands online have defined his past 12 months.

29 December 2021

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