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Trademark fame: academics find objective measure that could transform IP practice

A groundbreaking new study has created an empirical measure of trademark fame that academics claim could be rolled out in common IP practice.

Trademark fame: academics find objective measure that could transform IP practice
Amazon not liable for storage of counterfeit goods, CJEU rules
2 Apr 2020

Amazon not liable for storage of counterfeit goods, CJEU rules

The CJEU has ruled that Amazon is not legally liable for the storage of counterfeit goods. While the decision could be seen as a blow to the fight against fake goods, Amazon responded by pledging to ‘drive counterfeits to zero’.

Top five challenges facing Global IP Award winners – then and now
31 Mar 2020

Top five challenges facing Global IP Award winners – then and now

Earlier this year we asked a selection of the 2020 Global IP Award winners to outline the key issues affecting client demands and modern trademark practice, but how will their predictions for the IP industry fare in light of the unforeseen chaos caused by covid-19?


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Demonstrate a high reputation to evict squatters

Trademark squatting is rife in China, so it pays to register fast. If a dishonest filing has already been made, showing that a trademark enjoys a high reputation can help in opposition or invalidation proceedings. Read more


Sky v SkyKick: was the CJEU swayed by Sky’s well-known brand?

The long-awaited Sky v Skykick decision brings new clarity to how well-known trademarks are treated in the European Union, although it also raises the question of what impact a strong brand might have on a court’s deliberations. Read more


New legislation brings even greater protection for well-known marks

The passing of new trademark legislation has strengthened the hand of owners of well-known and famous marks in Malaysia. Case law under the new statute is sparse, but the courts remain supportive of rights holders. Read more


Something to declare: how an IMPI finding can help avoid stand-offs

Differences in the treatment of well-known and famous marks create pitfalls for the unwary. An administrative declaration is the best option, but obtaining one can be burdensome. Read more


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29 Mar 2020

Counterfeiters capitalise on coronavirus fears, impact of AI on trademarks, WTR Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey and much more

Everything we covered on WTR over the past seven days – and all you need to know from the world of trademarks to set yourself up for the start of another busy week. Read more

27 Mar 2020

AIPLA leadership change; filings fall; UKIPO service update – news digest

In our latest news digest we look at how brands are getting in on the Covid-19 conversation with social distancing logos, Tom Brady’s latest trademark dip, signs that filing levels may be starting to fall in response to the coronavirus, a change to filing fees in Angola, and much more. Read more

26 Mar 2020

Get the inside track on bad faith in trademark law in the wake of Skykick

Next week, in a free webinar, the key principles that the CJEU set out in the long-awaited Sky v Skykick decision will be scrutinised. Read more

24 Mar 2020

Praise for the Police IP Crime Unit's coronavirus counterfeits swoop; Katy Perry clothing spat; Iceland amends fees – news digest

In our latest edition, we look at the arrest of a man producing fake coronavirus testing kits, a personal message from the INTA president, Nominet’s new approach to seized domains, and much more. Read more


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25 Mar 2020

While ‘Tokyo 2020’ will now take place in 2021, brands will get their time to shine

The Olympics is a world-renowned brand which lends its powerful reputation to its partners and sponsors. Given its reach and reputation, the IOC does not play around with its trademark protections. Read more

16 Mar 2020

EUIPO issues draft guidance on examination of new types of trademarks: reaction

These documents will likely form the best practices for examining absolute and relative grounds for invalidity and refusal of sound, motion, multimedia and hologram marks. Read more

11 Mar 2020

Call for more cooperation between government and brands to curb counterfeits in Philippines

Joy Belmonte, mayor of Quezon City, has vociferously opposed the alleged distribution of over 1,000 fake trainers to local athletes and, crucially, has taken action to bolster the work of anti-counterfeiting agencies. Read more

10 Mar 2020

Trump’s EU trademark revocations provide another lesson on evidence of use

Three of US President Donald Trump’s EU trademarks have been partially revoked by the EUIPO. At the centre of the failed defence against the cancellation action is the evidence submitted. Read more


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10 Aug 2018

Food delivery marks on the rise, as Starbucks leads the way in restaurant brand filings: exclusive data analysis

In this week’s industry data report we look at the food service industry. We reveal that Starbucks has the most robust trademark portfolio in the industry, the rise in 'food delivery' applications, and more.

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29 Jun 2018

How brands should prepare for the big changes coming to Canada’s trademark market: exclusive data analysis

In our latest report, we delve into Canada’s trademark landscape. We examine how a major overhaul of its trademark laws may lead to a clogged up register, take a look at filing and litigation trends, and much more.

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17 Mar 2018

Argentina’s emergency trademark law amendments and reassuring filing figures; exclusive data analysis

<em>World Trademark Review</em> examines the IP profile of Argentina, exploring the potential impact of the new emergency decree on trademark law, while providing a thorough breakdown on filings at the Argentine register.

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8 Jan 2018

More information about Gleissner trademark activity emerges as business owner voices frustration

Business owners have spoken to <em>World Trademark Review</em> about their anger and confusion over the mysterious trademark activity of entrepreneur Michael Gleissner. 

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When will I be famous?: protecting well-known foreign marks in the United States

A split among US circuit courts and an administrative court on the application of the well-known marks doctrine makes registration in the United States more important than ever. But famous marks will always attract greater protection. Read more


Securing well-known status: if at first you don’t succeed, conduct market research

With few marks recognised as well known in Russia, evidence of use in the country, consistent branding and market research can be key to gaining such status, but it often requires perseverance. Read more

17 Mar 2020

Trademark procedures and strategies: Sweden

Establishment through use of a mark will give the same protection as if the mark is registered; however, the bar is set high for demonstrating establishment through use. Read more

17 Mar 2020

Trademark procedures and strategies: Spain

Distinctive signs are principally governed by the Trademark Act (17/2001), which has been partially modified by Royal Decree-Law 23/2018 in order to incorporate EU Directive 2015/2436, and it is complemented by Royal Decree 687/2002. Read more

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