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Geographical indications in Venezuela: latest developments

Although Venezuela has withdrawn from the Andean Community, which is having a negative impact on filing GIs, recent developments in the procedure for protecting GIs suggest that the practice may be on its way up.

25 June 2021

Proposed amendments: a wider protection for GIs and clearer rules regarding the registration of trademarks and company names in bad faith

Proposed amendments to the Swedish Trademarks Act aim to bring it into line with the CJEU’s latest case law on bad faith, and to provide enhanced protection to geographical indications and designations of origin.

24 June 2021

“This is a case about intention”: Banksy’s trademark troubles continue as EUIPO invalidates four more marks

The EUIPO Cancellation Division has declared four of street artist Banksy’s trademarks invalid, hitting out at his efforts to circumvent the law”.

21 June 2021

“The lawful use requirement must go” – academic calls for USPTO to abolish policy

A groundbreaking new paper claims that the USPTO has “no mandate” to cancel or refuse trademark protection through its lawful use requirement, with the author calling for INTA to take up the cause.

15 June 2021

Amended trademark regulations come into force: key points highlighted

Uganda's Trademarks (Amendment) Regulations No 9/2021, which came into effect on 14 May 2021, has brought about some welcome changes to the provisions of the Trademark Regulations 2012.

10 June 2021

“National exhaustion is off the agenda” – reaction as UK government opens consultation on post-Brexit regime

The UK government has launched a consultation on the UK’s future regime for the exhaustion of IP rights and parallel trade, laying out various options for respondents to consider.

08 June 2021

Call for reform as trademark survey formats criticised for suppressing crucial information

A new study criticises widely-used methodology used on trademark survey evidence, claiming it is prone to showing only “weakly-held mistaken beliefs”, and suggests changes to “reveal the true extent of consumer uncertainty”.

08 June 2021

Important modifications to the Industrial Property Law: what you need to know

The recently-approved amendments to the Chilean Industrial Property Law represent an important legislative milestone, with some of the changes - such as the introduction of non-use cancellation actions - having been on the table for years.

28 May 2021

“Joy and tranquility” – former INAPI director reacts to Chile moving closer to Madrid Protocol in exclusive interview

In an exclusive interview with WTR, INAPI’s former director Maximiliano Santa Cruz shares his perspective on Chile taking a step closer to the Madrid Protocol and calls for the registry to incorporate copyright and plant varieties.

25 May 2021

New free-to-view anti-counterfeiting and online enforcement intelligence now available

WTR is pleased to announce the publication of the 13th edition of Anti-counterfeiting and Online Brand Enforcement: A Global Guide 2021.

13 May 2021

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