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ICANN pushes back on scholars’ call to act on TMCH practice, as attention turns to board consideration

The Trademark Clearinghouse has come under fire from 16 academics, who have asked ICANN to stop the practice of protecting words extracted from design and composite marks.

10 August 2021

‘.brand’ withdrawals approach the 100 milestone but don’t write off the project

We reflect on the ’.brand’ project and what conclusions to draw from recent termination requests in our latest Saturday opinion column.

07 August 2021

USPTO urged to protect its own brand in fight against fraud and scams

The USPTO is being urged to more effectively protect its own brand to help tackle fraud, with suggestions including obtaining trademark protection for the USPTO name and hiring a brand integrity manager.

04 August 2021

Reboxed ‘plan-B’ UDRP complaint fails to deliver

Complainants should bear in mind that, where a case is weak from the outset, resorting to the UDRP following a failed attempt to purchase a domain name may result in a finding of reverse domain name hijacking.

04 August 2021

Canada publishes harmful online content proposals as government looks to oversight of online environment

While not focused on IP infringement, this development is one to watch as it represents the latest in a series of moves by the government towards expanding oversight of the online world and intermediaries.

02 August 2021

A new era of working with influencers in India: what brand owners need to know

In an exclusive guest post, Remfry and Sagar partner Samta Mehra looks at the rapidly changing regulations for influencer advertising in India.

29 July 2021

‘’ decision: free speech and the UDRP

This decision highlights that trademark owners should carefully consider whether a UDRP complaint is an appropriate tool when faced with genuine criticism websites.

27 July 2021

Image recognition and KYC initiative top priorities for Mercado Libre, head of brand protection reveals

Earlier this month, Mercado Libre revealed that reports of IP infringement fell across its platforms in the second half of 2020. We spoke to head of brand protection Juan Cichero to find out what more the company is doing to differentiate its services and combat evolving counterfeit activity.

26 July 2021

Scammed out of $150,000: allegations of fraud, threats and USPTO impersonation

A family in the US has revealed to WTR the trauma of losing $150,000 to a company based in Pakistan, with allegations of threats that have the couple fearing for their safety.

23 July 2021

Domain name disputes in Thailand: how to deal with the pitfalls of the country’s domain registration policy

Domain name disputes sometimes arise between trademark owners and Thai-registered companies that exploit the gaps in Thailand’s current domain registration policy. As demonstrated in a recent dispute, court proceedings are not the only option for mark owners.

23 July 2021

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