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Work-life balance likely to become less polarising but there could be a sting in the tail

Industry leaders expect work-life balance complaints in trademark teams to ease in the coming months. While seemingly positive, there are also warnings that this could be an ominous indicator of future unrest.

21 October 2020

“The ultimate impact of covid-19 on trademarks has yet to be felt”: industry leaders look to the future

The cyclical nature of IP financial planning means that the impact of the pandemic on trademarks may not yet have been fully felt, with industry leaders citing budgets as the number one concern in the coming months.

19 October 2020

“The secret sauce is communication” – exclusive interview with Oracle’s Tiki Dare

Also the 2021 INTA president, Dare sat down with WTR to explain how she has approached the management of both Oracle’s portfolio and the role that the INTA community has played in it.

14 October 2020

WTR Industry Awards 2020 winners revealed as corporate excellence celebrated

The winners of the WTR Industry Awards 2020 have been announced in a series of online ceremonies, with winners including the trademark teams from 3M,, Entertainment One, Tommy Hilfiger and Unilever.

05 October 2020

“PR risk is now part of the IP job” – the developing role of trademark practitioners in an age of hyper-criticism

Why trademark professionals must adapt and expand their skillset in response to a time of coronavirus, hyper-partisanship and cancel culture.

29 September 2020

Inside Philip Morris International’s covid-19 anti-fraud campaign: lessons for brands, consumers and policy makers

WTR talks to PMI’s director of illicit trade prevention, as well as one of its brand partners, to get the inside track on how its anti-fraud campaign was conceived and what has been learnt about the way that criminal networks have adapted their tactics to take advantage of the pandemic.

23 September 2020

In-house and private practice gurus offer words of wisdom for the next generation

WTR’s trademark elite look back at the challenges they have faced and pass on their hard-earned lessons to the young IP professionals to whom they will eventually pass the torch.

09 September 2020

“Brands will be more and more resource-challenged”: five predictions for the future of IP practice

Trademark practitioners around the world discuss the long-lasting impact that the covid-19 pandemic and latest technological trends are likely to have on IP practices, client demands and the wider brand protection landscape.

07 September 2020

Aggressive enforcement and broad filings: exclusive interview with Discovery’s in-house counsel

In an in-depth interview, David Modzeleski explains how Discovery Inc’s IP strategy is just as creative as the company’s TV show creation teams.

28 August 2020

Going toe to toe with Crocs’s copycat market: exclusive interview with Heike Bhonsle

WTR sits down with Bhonsle to discuss how she keeps 'love them or hate them' brand Crocs's counterfeit and prosecution needs in step.

20 August 2020

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