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Aligning with the business: an inside look at Meta’s rebrand strategy

Meta's associate general counsel Scott Minden reveals the ingredients for a successful rebrand following the trademark department being named WTR's Technology and Consumer Electronics Team of the Year.

04 August 2022

NBCUniversal recognises teamwork in managing increasing brands

NBCUniversal’s Mei-lan Stark looks back on a successful year for the brand protection department and reveals the secrets to the team's achievements.

03 August 2022

Acquisitions, rebrands, NFTs – how PepsiCo’s trademark team prevailed in a year of change

The PepsiCo trademark department’s successes during such a busy year saw it awarded Food, Beverages and Tobacco Team of the Year at the 2022 WTR Industry Awards.

03 August 2022

Reckitt rebrand shows power of business connectivity

We hear how a broader business perspective helped the Reckitt brand protection team juggle a major company rebrand, anti-counterfeiting efforts during the pandemic and ongoing global portfolio management to become WTR's 2022 Household and Consumer Goods Team of the Year.

02 August 2022

How team camaraderie spurs FIFA’s success

FIFA's focus on talent, flexibility and commercial awareness put it top of the league as WTR's 2022 Europe, Middle East and Africa Team of the Year.

01 August 2022

“A great team spirit” – how a close-knit Puma trademark team assists in the brand’s crypto push

With the Puma IP department being named Fashion, Cosmetics and Luxury Goods Team of the Year at the WTR Industry Awards, they look ahead to the sportwear brand entering the metaverse.

01 August 2022

The importance of networks: interview with Rotary International’s Jomarie Fredericks

A number of themes recur when speaking with Fredericks. One is the benefits that positive involvement in the wider ecosystem can accrue.

29 July 2022

“Anticipation is key”: brand protection insight from award-winning Novartis team

Novartis’ global head of legal brand protection, David Lossignol, explains how the 2022 WTR Healthcare and Life Sciences Team of the Year prepares for every scenario.

28 July 2022

Phillips 66 trademark team escalates business collaboration as company evolves

Craig Stone, senior counsel, legal, at Phillips 66 expands on the team’s approach to brand protection.

28 July 2022

“We are often betting on the future”: ResMed’s approach to IP protection and business collaboration

ResMed’s Michael Pinczuk and Keira Moore tell WTR how the patent and trademark teams collaborate for success.

27 July 2022

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