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Unauthorised brand use on OpenSea still widespread as more NFT marketplaces launch

IP infringement is still prevalent on OpenSea, a WTR investigation finds, but one expert claims the platform is working on changes that could be “fantastic for brand owners”.

14 July 2022

The WTR Benchmarking Survey: inside law firm and corporate trademark operations

Featured in WTR Special Report Q2 2022: The trademark landscape: a data deep dive into key and emerging trends

For over a decade, WTR has been surveying law firm and corporate trademark professionals in a bid to uncover how practice is changing, and to identify emerging trends and challenges. Over the following four pages, key findings and takeaways from our 2022 survey reveal an on-the-ground-view of the trademark sector as it adapts to the pandemic, rising inflation and Web 3.0

07 July 2022

EUIPO trends and top filers: 2021/22

Featured in Trademark register tracker

French personal care powerhouse L'Oréal was the leading corporate applicant for EU trademarks in the 12 months preceding 1 May 2022, some way ahead of second-placed Philip Morris,  EUIPO data reveals.

04 July 2022

Surveying Asia’s IP valuation landscape

Although various government-led programmes have emerged over the years to encourage more valuation activity, professionals reveal that a lack of transaction data and an absence of corporate buy-in is preventing it from taking off.

23 June 2022

Embedding brand in business: lessons from a pharma IP pro

Rachel Cockburn Buhl, head of brand IP at biopharmaceutical group Ferring, reveals how she has expanded the function’s internal expertise to provide wider business support while having a positive budget impact.

22 June 2022

Engaging CFOs is an IP challenge overcome through collaboration

Trademark professionals should make a more concerted collaborative effort with CFOs, argues this week’s Saturday opinion.

18 June 2022

How Mercado Libre built a world-class e-commerce brand

How does Latin America’s biggest e-commerce platform protect its own brand? We sat down with Mercado Libre’s head of intellectual property to find out.

13 June 2022

The IP valuer’s wish list – data and dollars assigned to rights

In the third article of a four-part series, WTR asks IP valuers what they would like to see from the IP community and why companies should give valuation a second look.

24 May 2022

Use it or lose it: inside EHang’s brand protection strategy

Chinese autonomous aerial vehicles maker EHang explains why it set up an IP department and offers other start-ups lessons from its brand protection strategy.

13 May 2022

“Brand is the ultimate IP” – ASICS counsel urges Japanese companies to place more emphasis on proactive branding

In an interview with WTR, ASICS’ Koji Saito shares ways to raise global brand value.

20 April 2022

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