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“We are a company with a heart”: how agro-solutions giant UPL balances innovation with sustainability

UPL’s first lead global trademark counsel reveals how one of the world’s biggest agricultural solutions companies protects its reputation for innovation in sustainability.

15 December 2021

Industry leaders reveal office return policies, with varied approaches set to complicate recruitment

Most organisations have announced a formal policy on office and flexible working, according to the latest WTR Trademark Elite Expert Panel Report, now available to subscribers.

29 November 2021

“Only those who adapt will survive” – JT International trademark director on evolution of industry

We sit down with former INTA president and JT International IP, trademark and design director Ronald van Tuijl to learn how tobacco brands are evolving in the face of consumer health concerns and new regulations.

18 October 2021

Xerox: the company you thought you knew

We go behind the scenes at a transformed Xerox to learn how the company’s trademark strategy is helping it to branch into new markets.

11 October 2021

Dettol owner revamp helps brand protection shine

How the team responsible for protecting the likes of Dettol and Lysol juggles broader corporate identity questions with a growing portfolio under constant threat of infringement.

14 September 2021

How Ford is redefining itself – starting with legacy trademarks

Evolving industries and a renewed brand focus require a new way of navigating trademark issues, reveals Ford chief trademark counsel Sharon Sorkin.

08 September 2021

Starting afresh: the new face of Ford trademarks

Chief trademark counsel Sharon Sorkin reveals how she has been realigning legal with Ford’s renewed brand priorities in her first two years on the job.

07 September 2021

Trussardi’s optimistic approach to tightening budgets and “the counterfeiting paradox”

Trussardi general counsel Sara Citterio takes a refreshingly optimistic view of the challenges that her small department faces in the evolving fashion industry.

01 September 2021

NBA Properties’ Ayala Deutsch named WTR 2021 In-house Leader of the Year

The accolade recognises her stellar leadership at both company and wider industry level.

27 August 2021

Collaboration and consumer safety: insights from 3M, WTR’s 2021 North America Team of the Year

WTR is pleased to announce that this year’s recipient of the WTR North America Team of the Year Award is 3M.

26 August 2021

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