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The X files: register data reveals extent of Musk’s competition for new Twitter brand

Analysis of global register data reveals thousands of pre-existing X marks, including some owned by major tech rivals.

01 August 2023

Functioning brands or highly forgettable passwords – what to make of the upsurge in random letter trademarks?

Robert Reading, director of government and content strategy at Clarivate, weighs in on why the recent surge of 'random letter trademarks' at the USPTO might be more harmful than it seems.

24 June 2023

Register Tracker Latin America: January-April 2023

Featured in Trademark register tracker

Inbound filings at the Mexican and Brazilian trademark offices rose at the start of 2023, despite declining elsewhere in Latin America, WTR analysis uncovers.

19 June 2023

“A broken promise” – USPTO responds to user outrage after data breach of applicant domicile addresses

USPTO trademark commissioner and attorneys respond after agency suffers a “data security incident” involving the private domicile addresses of trademark applicants being made publicly viewable.

15 June 2023

Register Tracker Asia-Pacific: January-April 2023

Featured in Trademark register tracker

Foreign filings at the Chinese trademark office have more than doubled since the end of last year, Fovea IP data shows.

12 June 2023

Register Tracker Europe and North America: January-April 2023

Featured in Trademark register tracker

UK applicants filed 10% more trademark applications abroad in the first four months of 2023 than they did at the end of last year, Fovea IP data shows.

08 June 2023

10 strategic takeaways from the Amazon-INTA anti-counterfeiting reception

Brand protection experts reveal their top tips for cross-industry enforcement.

13 April 2023

US litigation landscape: counterfeiting cases skyrocket as district court action becomes vital

Featured in WTR Special Report Q1 2023: Anti-counterfeiting strategy playbook: How to combat the growing trade in fake goods, online and offline

04 April 2023

From trademarks to trade secrets: how the brand professional role is evolving

Industry leaders point to an evolution in the role of the brand professional in a preview of our upcoming Trademark Elite Panels report.

04 February 2023

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