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Picking up the pace? Covid-19 exceptions to expedite trademark applications in Canada

In response to the covid-19 pandemic, the Canadian Trademarks Office is now accepting requests to expedite examination of trademark applications that cover goods or services relating to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment or cure of covid-19.

05 January 2021

Black Lives Matter, royal branding and covid-19 responses lead WTR’s 2020 most-read list

While the top 25 stories of 2020 on the WTR platform saw covid-19 feature prominently, the pandemic did not dominate, with pieces relating to the Black Lives Matter movement, the Sussex Royal brand and new online threats generating widespread community interest.

04 January 2021

The most active filers at the USPTO revealed; Brexit and brands; inside corporate trademark departments: new edition of WTR is now live

The Winter 2021 edition of WTR is now available online to subscribers, offering exclusive insights from USPTO Commissioner for Trademarks David Gooder, reflections on how trademark practice has been impacted by the covid-19 pandemic, wellbeing considerations, and much more.

04 January 2021

A year of covid-19: the trademark community reveals how 2020 could shape the industry’s future

As an unprecedented year comes to an end, trademark practitioners from around the world share their highs and lows from the past 12 months, as well as the lessons that they have learned in order to adapt to the new normal.

04 January 2021

Connecting the community: brand protection and enforcement takeaways

Across two weeks in October, the WTR Connect online event brought together trademark professionals from more than 67 countries for a series of keynote addresses, virtual fireside chats, open discussion forums, strategic masterclasses and closed-door boardroom discussions. Below we present some of the key takeaways.

04 January 2021

Trademarks during covid: exclusive insights from law firm experts in Brazil

WTR presents exclusive insights on how the events of 2020 shaped the trademark practice of Andréa Possinhas and Isadora Lima at Gruenbaum, Possinhas & Teixeira in Brazil.

31 December 2020

Trademarks during covid: exclusive insights from law firm experts in Africa

WTR presents insights on how the events of 2020 shaped the trademark practice of Karien Postma and Kay Rickelman at pan-African law firm Spoor & Fisher.

29 December 2020

How corporate social responsibility is driving Tommy Hilfiger’s brand strategy

After collaborating with major brands on an advertising campaign to raise awareness of the trade in fraudulent personal protective equipment, it is little wonder that the Tommy Hilfiger IP group has been recognised as WTR’s Fashion, Cosmetics and Luxury Goods Team of the Year.

29 December 2020

Full integration makes IHG’s IP team a welcoming host

Tami Collie of InterContinental Hotel Group – winner of the WTR Industry Award for Travel and Leisure Team of the Year – reveals how respect and collegiality are helping the trademark team to tackle a bold new acquisition while weathering the hit from covid-19.

28 December 2020

How the Verizon team protects the foundations of its branded house

WTR gets the inside track on how Verizon’s trademark department, named Internet and Telecommunications Team of the Year at the 2020 WTR Industry Awards, approaches brand management in the face of opportunists and a rapidly evolving field.

28 December 2020

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