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In the race to be a hub of innovation, the UK risks falling behind in its AI capabilities

A new legal framework may be required to govern AI and IP rights, especially in a globalised digital economy.

16 September 2023

Corsearch launches ChatGPT-powered brand name generator

Corsearch’s new name generator and clearance tool points to an IP services industry embracing the possibilities of generative AI.

14 September 2023

US district court sides with Copyright Office in first AI art ruling

While the court is the first in the US to review a Copyright Office decision on AI-generated art, the narrow nature of the ruling means that many more questions remain, practitioners tell WTR.

22 August 2023

Five minutes with… Haloo

WTR sits down with Haloo CEO Julie MacDonell to find out more about how the AI-powered search and registration platform has expanded and rebranded since she last spoke to us in May 2021.

14 August 2023

“A step-change for the IP system” – groundbreaking study examines trademark impact of generative AI

IP Australia has published a host of reports focused on the potential impact of generative AI technology such as ChatGPT and Dall-E on the IP industry.

02 August 2023

Who said that? AI translation could be a game changer for small firms, it just needs the investment

Smaller law firms stand to benefit the most from AI translation tools, but the current technology may not be worth the risk, argues this week’s Saturday opinion column.

29 July 2023

Is there a data drought? AI projects might be about to get more expensive

In his latest column, academic Cameron Shackell looks at how recent developments around data limitations at Twitter and Reddit could impact AI, including in the trademark and brand protection sphere.

10 July 2023

‘.ai’ rides the wave of interest in AI

The Anguillan ccTLD, ‘.ai’, appears to be reaping the benefit of the current intense interest in AI, with its domain name registration numbers skyrocketing.

06 July 2023

The future is now: AI innovations at the EUIPO reshaping intellectual property

The EUIPO explores the AI tools currently in use at the office, upcoming projects and the potential impact of generative AI technologies on the future of intellectual property.

04 July 2023

AI regulation in Costa Rica: exploring the implications for IP rights

A group of representatives from various political parties recently introduced a bill that aims to establish a regulatory framework for AI use.

04 July 2023

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