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“We are no longer the UK’s counterfeit capital” – why Manchester’s Operation Vulcan should inspire other cities

In an exclusive interview, Detective Chief Inspector Jen Kelly of Greater Manchester Police reveals details of Operation Vulcan, a groundbreaking operation aimed at tackling counterfeit goods.

24 May 2023

Change afoot at IPEC: why the role of US IP enforcement coordinator matters

WTR analyses US President Joe Biden's nomination of attorney Deborah Robinson to become US intellectual property enforcement coordinator.

19 May 2023

Future Annual Meeting locations revealed, Digital Danny and calls to action: takeaways from the INTA Annual Meeting opening ceremony

The 2023 INTA Annual Meeting has been officially opened by 2023 president Jomarie Fredericks. We present some important takeaways from the opening addresses.

17 May 2023

How ASICS is using the INTA Annual Meeting to spread the word about fake goods

WTR drops by the exhibition stand of sports brand ASICS to find out why it is exhibiting, how it is being received by attendees, and why more brand owners should consider such an approach.

17 May 2023

Anti-counterfeiting budgets lag behind growing threat, INTA Benchmarking Report warns

INTA's new Anti-counterfeiting Benchmarking Report reveals a widely held perception in the trademark profession that counterfeiting is becoming more common – and more complicated to tackle – and that allocated resources lag behind this threat.

12 May 2023

Appeal court protects Christian Louboutin’s ‘red sole’ mark in landmark ruling

The decision represents a significant victory for fashion companies and owners of position trademarks in Brazil.

12 May 2023

Alibaba annual report reveals drop in offline enforcement, but spike in arrests

Alibaba's 2022 IP protection report outlines efforts to protect IP rights over the past year, with a notable decrease in offline actions.

02 May 2023

Revealed: programme for New York brand strategy summit

WTR is pleased to reveal the programme for a two-day, high-level event, taking place in the United States this autumn.

29 April 2023

Fighting counterfeits and fake accounts on Kuaishou: what you need to know

The Chinese e-commerce platform has been implementing various measures in recent years to tackle counterfeits head on.

26 April 2023

Amazon launches Anti-counterfeiting Exchange; Twitter ditches legacy verification; Zacco acquired – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at US legislators reflecting on counterfeiting challenges in IP subcommittee hearing, the UK High Court siding with Lidl in Tesco clubcard dispute, and much more.

21 April 2023

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