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Consumers actively buying counterfeit goods, despite increase in awareness, study reveals

Anaqua vice president of law firm strategy Jayne Durden outlines what more brand owners can do when consumers continue to actively buy counterfeit goods.

27 August 2021

Trademark-related workloads and client brand investment on the up but headcount hesitancy remains

Despite optimism over increases in brand investment in the coming six months, budget concerns mean that headcount is not expected to scale up to cope with rising workloads, exclusive WTR research has revealed.

18 August 2021

Industry leader sentiment skews negative over IP service provider M&A activity, expect deals to continue

Forty percent of industry leaders view the dizzying level of M&A activity in the non-legal IP services sector negatively, according to the latest WTR Trademark Elite Expert Panel survey.

16 August 2021

Brand professionals are left in a tight spot as price becomes primary factor in purchasing IP services

Price has become the primary consideration when choosing IP service provider offerings, our upcoming WTR Trademark Elite Expert Panel Report reveals. This week’s Saturday opinion column ponders the implications.

14 August 2021

Exclusive research reveals rights holders are relying on historical data to overcome WHOIS blackout, as uncertainty over future persists

Analysis of an exclusive survey, conducted last month, reveals how online brand protection professionals are adapting their strategies in light of the ongoing WHOIS blackout.

21 July 2021

Four online shopping trends every CPG brand should know in 2021

Co-published: Drawing on the results of a survey of 2,000 consumers, Red Points’ Daniel Shapiro identifies how and why shoppers purchase fake goods, revealing the practical actions that brand owners can take to fight back.

08 July 2021

One in five consumers would boycott brand after mistaken counterfeit purchase, report finds

A new report on counterfeiting in the beauty and personal care industry reveals some worrying statistics on consumer awareness of fake goods online, highlighting the dangers to both customer safety and brand reputation.

29 June 2021

“Severe marketing restrictions are catastrophic”: study reveals potential damage of marketing restrictions on leading brands

A major new study from Brand Finance has estimated that a global imposition of marketing restrictions across the alcohol, confectionery, savoury snacks and sugary drinks industries could result in a $521 billion loss to businesses.

29 June 2021

The trademark workplace has changed and organisations must adapt or risk losing talent

In our latest Saturday opinion column, we explore what the newest WTR expert panel report reveals about the future of the trademark workplace – and why employees may have reached their breaking point.

29 May 2021

Budget and infringement challenges are set to intensify, trademark leaders warn

Senior brand professionals in the corporate and law firm environment are bracing themselves for an uptick in infringement and an increasingly challenging brand protection environment, new data from WTR reveals.

27 May 2021

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