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Consumer trust hits new low; businesses must do more

Businesses hold the key to restoring trust in society, but they are not doing enough, according to this year’s global Edelman survey.

19 January 2022

Why internal championing efforts have never been more important for brand professionals

We reflect on the findings of the latest WTR Trademark Elite Expert Panel report and the internal pressures making brand creation and enforcement work more challenging in our latest opinion column.

04 December 2021

Senior industry figures expect positive trademark environment but difficulties lie ahead

A deep-dive analysis of a year of the WTR Trademark Elite Expert Panel Report data reveals that senior industry leaders are increasingly positive about the regulatory and legislative environment for brands.

01 December 2021

Industry leaders reveal office return policies, with varied approaches set to complicate recruitment

Most organisations have announced a formal policy on office and flexible working, according to the latest WTR Trademark Elite Expert Panel Report, now available to subscribers.

29 November 2021

Pressure for US to crack down on counterfeits as study reveals alarming impact of fakes

The Buy Safe America Coalition has published a scathing new study revealing “the devastating impact of the sale of fraudulent goods” on US consumers, businesses and the economy as a whole.

18 October 2021

Authorities must do more: research reveals low levels of confidence in actions to combat scams

Consumers have little confidence in the effectiveness of police and government efforts to combat online scams, reveals new research from Scamadviser.

04 October 2021

Brand owners not blamed for counterfeits, but they still suffer the most

Electronics shoppers are most likely to cut ties with an official brand online after the accidental purchase of a fake, while unintentional counterfeit buys happen most often in the fashion space.

22 September 2021

Online brand protection strategies 2021

Featured in Community insights

WTR has polled a select group of corporate and law firm trademark professionals to gauge the extent to which the shift to online shopping during successive covid-19 lockdowns has led to a growing rise in trademark violations – and to dig deep into how those on the receiving end are fighting back.

02 September 2021

As both sides escalate lobbying efforts, exclusive research reveals trademark professional support over platform liability legislation

WTR recently polled trademark professionals to build a complete picture of the online enforcement landscape. One question was whether mooted legislation to make e-commerce companies liable for counterfeit goods sold on their platforms was necessary.

31 August 2021

Consumers actively buying counterfeit goods, despite increase in awareness, study reveals

Anaqua vice president of law firm strategy Jayne Durden outlines what more brand owners can do when consumers continue to actively buy counterfeit goods.

27 August 2021

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