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CJEU interprets concepts of ‘visibility’ and ‘normal use’ under Directive 98/71

In a welcome decision for design rights holders, the CJEU has adopted a broad interpretation of the concept of 'normal use' under Article 3(3) of Directive 98/71.

24 March 2023

AVATHAR v AVATAR: mere phonetic similarity is insufficient, there must be a likelihood of confusion, says Delhi High Court

In a victory for Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, the Delhi High Court has set aside an order of the Indian Trademark Office rejecting the US company’s application for the mark AVATAR.

22 March 2023

WTR Brand Elite analysis: February 2023

Featured in Stock market performance

Stock markets returned to volatility in February. In contrast to January, when major indices rose in value, key markets fell last month.

20 March 2023

Alaska Airlines contractually obliged to pay Virgin for right to use VIRGIN

The case shows the importance of ensuring that IP licensing agreements are clearly drafted.

07 March 2023

Who are the IP industry’s icons? Help us to choose this year’s IP Hall of Fame inductees

WTR's our sister platform IAM has this week launched its annual search to identify outstanding individuals to induct into the IP Hall of Fame.

03 March 2023

Strings attached: no amendment for trademark application in inter partes opposition proceeding

The TTAB designated as precedential a decision denying a motion to amend and granting partial summary judgment based on a mistaken identification of the goods.

01 March 2023

General Court considers proof of genuine use in revocation proceedings

The decision underlines key aspects to take into consideration when providing proof of genuine use in revocation proceedings.

28 February 2023

WTR Brand Elite analysis: January 2023

Featured in Stock market performance

The January effect was in full force last month, with major stock markets posting positive performance across the board.

24 February 2023

Pokémon granted injunctive relief by Federal Court

The evidence strongly suggested that the conduct of the respondents was designed to mislead consumers into believing that they were licensed or otherwise authorised by Pokémon to develop games.

21 February 2023

WTR Brand Elite analysis: December 2022

Featured in Stock market performance

Stock prices had a largely negative December, closing out a rocky year on the stock markets. Our WTR Brand Elite indices fell five points on the month, and 25 points across 2022.

16 January 2023

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