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WTR Brand Elite analysis: September 2022

Featured in Stock market performance

September was a challenging month in the stock markets, with the WTR Brand Elite dropping eight points and hitting its lowest level since October 2020.

31 October 2022

Meta unveils new brand protection tool; Red Bull loses UK dispute; North Korean counterfeits – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at a new era of deepfake ads, Lisbon joining the European ‘Authenticity’ project, and much more.

28 October 2022

General Court confirms likelihood of confusion between signs due to common element ‘core’

The court agreed that the earlier mark CORE had an average degree of inherent distinctiveness for the non-English-speaking part of the relevant public due to its lack of descriptive meaning for the goods and services at issue.

26 October 2022

AIWA trademark protected by High Administrative Court

Following a five-year dispute, AA - which had acquired the rights in the AIWA mark from its original owner in all Latin American countries - obtained a final resolution recognising the notoriety of the mark in Uruguay.

26 October 2022

Trademarks and the brain: how neuroscience can show that a word is functioning as a brand

A new research paper is urging more research into how neuroscience could transform modern trademark law, and especially around the functionality of brands.

25 October 2022

The brand risks of corporate political donations: what trademark practitioners need to know

A recent report urges companies to halt political spending to “minimise the risk of blowback”, which can include significant harm to brand reputation.

19 October 2022

Good news for SIE as INDECOPI’s second instance clarifies status of proceedings suspended due to filing of nullity actions

The decision offers a solution against potentially obstructionist actions initiated with the sole purpose of prolonging trademark infringement proceedings.

19 October 2022

Atlanta Braves rebrand debate; Canon reveals Amazon IP takedown levels; USPTO seeks public feedback – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Medieval Times accusing a performers’ union of brand infringement, the Philippines IP Offices being recognised for its achievements, and much more.

18 October 2022

Mixed results for Puma in big cat trademark dispute

The General Court found that the Board of Appeal had failed to carry out an overall assessment of whether two of the trademarks relied on by Puma had a reputation.

18 October 2022

Seven key opportunities for IP lawyers in the NFT space

New challenges created by NFTs are causing headaches for brand owners across the world, but canny IP professionals could be the salve. Acacia Law partner and crypto expert Mark Warburton explores the numerous ways that brand protection is required in this fledgling space.

13 October 2022

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