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Chinese IP agency fined for fraud; USPTO appoints new policy chief; Brainbase CEO lauded – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Authentic Brands Group acquiring a stake in an event producer, authorities seizing a shipment of counterfeit 3M surgical masks, brands being urged to ‘inspire’, and much more.

11 December 2020

EUIPO finds no likelihood of confusion between purely figurative marks

Visual differences play an important role in the global assessment of the likelihood of confusion between purely figurative trademarks, as demonstrated in this decision of the Opposition Division of the EUIPO.

10 December 2020

BrewDog trademark dispute regret; CJEU rejects wine bottle; Clarivate acquires Hanlim IPS – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at spoon-bender Uri Geller giving his permission to use a Pokemon after a two-decade dispute, Spin Master signing a licensing deal with Warner Bros, and much more.

01 December 2020

Are mobile phones really little computers?

In opposition proceedings against LG Electronics Inc's application for K7, the EU General Court has confirmed that "smart phones", "mobile phones" and "wearable smart phones" are similar to "computers".

01 December 2020

“China depth, global width is the key”: inside ABB’s anti-counterfeiting efforts

Michael Ding, head of IP operations, Asia, Middle East and Africa, at the ABB Group, tells WTR  how the company approaches brand protection and anti-counterfeiting.

26 November 2020

Michael Gleissner: massive scope of trademark and domain portfolio revealed in exclusive data

A major new investigation from WTR has identified over 6,800 trademarks and 6,900 domain names that appear to be related to multi-millionaire and serial trademark filer Michael Gleissner.

24 November 2020

WTR Brand Elite analysis: October 2020

Featured in Stock market performance

The WTR Brand Elite indices registered a two-point drop in the month ending 30 September – their first fall in seven months. The latest results returned a similar decline.

23 November 2020

Only a few weeks left to make nominations for the 2021 WTR Industry Awards and WTR 300 projects

There's not long left to nominate corporate trademark professionals for recognition at the WTR Industry Awards 2021 and in the next edition of WTR 300: The World’s Leading Corporate Trademark Professionals.

23 November 2020

Inclusion in the IP profession; removing formalities requirements; UKIPO on Brexit – INTA 2020 update

As the INTA 2020 Annual Meeting draws to a close, WTR presents observations from the numerous sessions that have taken place over the past few days.

19 November 2020

Likelihood of confusion: the business field of the parties is key

Over the past few years, Argentina’s courts have developed a new practice for the assessment of the likelihood of confusion between two trademarks registered in the same class, as demonstrated by the recent decision in Assa Abloy AB v Alvarez.

18 November 2020

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