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Tokopedia decries notorious market label; possible Porsche IPO; Crocs acquires HEYDUDE – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at BBC Studios joining the International Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy, INTA hosting the entreprenuHERship legal clinic, and much more.

22 February 2022

WTR Brand Elite analysis: January 2022

Featured in Stock market performance

The WTR Brand Elite indices fell four points in the month ending 31 January, mirroring the performance of a number of major stock markets. Among the overall computing and software group, Microsoft dropped 27 points (albeit from a three-year high at the end of December) and Salesforce was down 20 points.

21 February 2022

Apple prevails in emoji dispute; Chile “historic” trademark increase; Hologram register makeover – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the US Copyright Office refusing an AI-generated 2D artwork registration, ICANN conducting its first key ceremony of the year, and much more.

18 February 2022

“The most significant genericism issue of our time” – use of Google brand proves legal rethink needed, study argues

New study analyses trademarks that it dubs ‘super-generic’, claiming that marks granted to search firms could be damaging to consumers.

16 February 2022

Brands can’t ignore NFTs, but must tread carefully

The temptation may be to regard NFTs as a passing fad, but the reality is that many brands are already dipping their toes into the market – as are infringers. As such, trademark professionals have to be monitoring the space.

05 February 2022

General Court provides reminder that genuine use requirement is not intended to assess commercial success

The turnover and the volume of sales of goods under a trademark cannot be assessed in absolute terms, but must be looked at in relation to other relevant factors.

03 February 2022

NFT infringement spats escalate; Apple versus Apple-Man; Sony buys Bungie – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Disney losing Ice Age’s Scrat after a 20-year dispute with an artist, lessons from JLM Couture v Hayley Paige, and much more.

01 February 2022

Crocs and Spotify feature in Legal Updates from the Americas and Caribbean that you may have missed

We complete our series of instalments with takeaways from decisions in the Andean Community, Canada, the Dominican Republic and the United States.

28 January 2022

Anti-counterfeiting dimensions of America Competes Act in crosshairs as platform liability discussion escalates

President Biden has welcomed the advancement of the America Competes Act of 2022, which provides for contributory liability for e-commerce platforms that do not follow best practices to prevent the sale of counterfeits on their sites.

27 January 2022

Microsoft CEO tops guardianship index but female leadership hits new low

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has been crowned the leader of this year’s Brand Guardianship Index. But as tech brands dominate the rankings, female representation drops to a woeful 5%.

27 January 2022

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