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Court of Appeal gives hope to Tesco in dispute with Lidl

The outcome of the appeal by Tesco arguably lowers the hurdle for bad-faith invalidity claims that was set by the High Court decision.

03 January 2023

INFORM Consumers Act included in omnibus spending bill heading for final votes

US Congress is working toward passage of an omnibus bill that includes funding for the USPTO and progression of the INFORM Consumers Act requiring online marketplaces to verify and disclose seller data.

21 December 2022

“A blow to Iceland Foods” – EUIPO rules against supermarket chain in Iceland v Iceland appeal

UK retailer Iceland Foods has lost an appeal to prevent the cancellation of its EU trademark registrations for ICELAND, a decision described by one expert as “slightly surprising”.

21 December 2022

Collaboration, non-traditional marks, cross-platform transactions – takeaways from Brand Strategy China

Speakers from brands including Alibaba, Douyin, Pernod-Ricard, Starbucks and Richemont offer their insights at WTR Connect: Brand Strategy China.

20 December 2022

Combatting counterfeits in the livestream environment: exclusive interview with Douyin’s global IP counsel

Douyin’s Cheng Cheng expands on how the platform is tackling the challenges posed by the evolution of e-commerce.

19 December 2022

FTC positioned to become NFT dispute battleground, warns IP expert

As court actions against NFT sellers and marketers continue, brands warned that they could become a target of FTC lawsuits for false advertising if they are deemed to be acting disingenuously.

13 December 2022

Malicious infringement complaints emerging as new challenge as IP awareness grows, says

Established in 2015, the IP Protection Platform is increasingly leveraging technology to monitor infringements and counterfeits.

09 December 2022

What the Brazilian presidential election result means for IP

Following a tight run-off race, Lula da Silva is to become the next president of Brazil. His election could have a significant impact on the country’s IP ecosystem.

08 December 2022

Counterfeit hotspots in Portugal that brand owners must be aware of

Featured in Physical marketplace counterfeit hotspots

In an update of our series on physical marketplaces around the world that are reportedly notorious for the sale of counterfeit goods, we head back to Portugal.

07 December 2022

Mercado Libre reports infringement drop, but IP protection top concern in Chile

Reports of IP violations on Latin America’s biggest e-commerce platform are declining, but infringing products are still a top concern in some major jurisdictions.

05 December 2022

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