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Sixth Circuit sheds light on degree of similarity necessary for competing marks

A recent dispute between two competing children’s clothing companies has shed light on how similar trademarks must be for infringement claims to proceed.

02 November 2023

Apple and Hermès stock prices struggle, but companies have cause for optimism: WTR Brand Elite analysis

The WTR Brand Elite fell seven points in September, hitting its lowest value since 1 January 2023. However, the brands that experienced the biggest drop in value have reason to remain optimistic.

30 October 2023

Why it is more crucial than ever for corporate trademark departments to promote themselves

As the deadline to nominate for the 2024 WTR Industry Awards approaches, our Saturday opinion column discusses why it is paramount for IP departments to promote themselves as their own brand.

21 October 2023

Amazon to launch in South Africa; INTA Leadership Meeting keynotes; Next acquires Fatface – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Rolex topping the list of seized counterfeit watches in South Korea, police issuing a warning over a fake Wilko website, and much more.

17 October 2023

Alibaba IP protection update; PIPCU celebrates decade of success; TikTok halts Indonesia sales – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at counterfeit Apple con artists being sentenced to 41 months in US prison, Burger King remaining in Russia despite closure pledge, and much more.

06 October 2023

Why 3D printing design platforms like Thingiverse and Printables should be on policing radars

Despite 3D printing not yet becoming the mainstream consumer product that many predicted, a WTR investigation reveals that brand use by third parties on 3D design platforms is rife.

04 October 2023

The clock is ticking: nominate now for the 2024 Industry Awards and WTR 300 before it's too late

There's only a few weeks left to nominate candidates for the prestigious WTR Industry Awards 2024 and the forthcoming edition of WTR 300.

28 September 2023

Nothing lost in translation: book’s Spanish version is not a different creative work

Douglas Wood’s bid to register the titles of his English life guide and its Spanish translation has been rejected by the TTAB. The board maintained that the book and its translation were versions of the same work, not a series – and thus ineligible for trademark protection.

14 September 2023

How to navigate 'hush' branding disputes

In the somewhat taboo realm of menstrual hygiene products, a trademark dispute illuminates the convergence of statutory rights and social mores and the crucial role that courts can play in resolving matters where such competing needs collide.

14 September 2023

TikTok Shop continues global rollout, pushing back on counterfeit claims

Brand owners are being warned to “diligently police” TikTok Shop after its US launch this week.

13 September 2023

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