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Russia exhibits strong filings growth on the back of changes to its intellectual property system

Back-end work continues to improve the registry and trademark landscape. Subsequently, there has been a noticeable uptick in local brands pushing for the protection of their rights.

11 September 2020

WTR 300 and Industry Awards 2021 nomination window now open

WTR is now seeking nominations for the WTR Industry Awards 2021 and next edition of WTR 300: The World’s Leading Corporate Trademark Professionals. 

10 September 2020

New guidelines set up advertising overhaul in India, including expectations of brand ambassadors

India’s newly-formed Central Consumer Protection Authority has issued extensive guidelines designed to regulate advertising and clamp down on misleading claims and practices.

08 September 2020

Trump trademark approved in Argentina; Beijing IP Court update; Gucci ‘fake not’ collection – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at outrage over a WWE order about names and likenesses, Bumble announcing plans to go public, how counterfeiting remains a problem on Taobao, and much more.

08 September 2020

Why there has never been a better time for intermediaries to crack down on online fraud

With e-commerce booming, the global pandemic could provide an opportunity to transform the ways in which IP rights are protected and enforced online.

03 September 2020

Novartis obtains cancellation of GSK’s trademark on ground of non-use

In a victory for multinational pharmaceutical company Novartis AG, the Colombian Trademark Office has ordered the cancellation of a trademark owned by GlaxoSmithKline, finding that it had not been used in the relevant class.

03 September 2020

Sino-US Economic and Trade Agreement: IP and the pharma industry

Featured in China: Managing the IP Lifecycle 2021

The Economic and Trade Agreement between China and the United States was signed on 15 January 2020.

03 September 2020

Research provides insight into why consumers buy fakes, and what may prevent them from doing so

A new survey looking to explore why consumers buy counterfeit products provides a number of important takeaways for those seeking to combat fake goods.

02 September 2020

WIPO’s Global Innovation Index breaks new ground as brand value included for first time

This year's index is the first in 13 years to consider brand value, an important inclusion that will strengthen the argument for the importance of brands to national innovation.

02 September 2020

ACTAZIN v ACTIPHEN: a tale of two cities or in the ear of the beholder

The Court of Appeal of New Zealand has confirmed that concurrent use of the marks ACTAZIN and ACTIPHEN was likely to cause confusion. In contrast, the Australian Trademarks Office had found that the marks were not deceptively similar.

01 September 2020

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