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Bombay High Court: phonetic differences between STIMULIV and STIMULET not sufficient to tell one from the other

This decision of the Bombay High Court highlights that, when pharmaceutical preparations are involved, there should not be the slightest possibility of confusion, error or mistaken identity.

06 April 2021

“I will never give up” – Filipino small business owner on legal battle with Duke and Duchess of Sussex

In an exclusive interview, a small business owner in Manila, Philippines, who is embroiled in a trademark dispute with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, has described it as a “duel to the death”.

03 March 2021

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in bitter Archewell trademark dispute in Philippines

An entity representing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is pursuing legal action against a small business owner in the Philippines related to their Archewell brand, WTR can reveal, and the dispute is set to be a fiery one.

02 March 2021

Novartis and Huawei top Madrid System applications list as WIPO director general signals future focuses

WIPO has released new data, revealing that the number of international trademark applications made through the Madrid System decreased slightly in 2020.

02 March 2021

Full Federal Court: don’t count descriptive elements out

This decision of the Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia demonstrates that descriptive elements may constitute the striking and important feature of a mark.

01 March 2021

Bombay High Court: owner of YOGI marks entitled to statutory protection within specific class

In a dispute over the use of the word ‘yogi’ for Ayurvedic and herbal preparations, the Bombay High Court has restrained the defendants from using the plaintiff’s YOGI mark on the grounds of trademark infringement and passing off.

01 March 2021

WTR Brand Elite analysis: January 2021

Featured in Stock market performance

The WTR Brand Elite project tracks how a defined set of brand-focused companies with industry-leading trademark teams perform against stock market indices.

17 February 2021

WTR Brand Elite analysis: December 2020

Featured in Stock market performance

The WTR Brand Elite recorded a 4.4% return across 2020, with our collective of companies outperforming a number of major stock market indices, including the NYSE and FTSE 100.

02 February 2021

Apple wrestles ‘most valuable brand’ crown from Amazon as diversification drives growth

Apple has replaced Amazon at the top of the Brand Finance Global 500 2021 ranking of the world’s most valuable brands following a stellar 87% increase in brand value over the past year.

26 January 2021

WeChat nudges past Ferrari to top brand strength rankings

WeChat has been named the world’s strongest brand in new research from Brand Finance, with Ferrari dropping to second place and Sber moving up to third.

26 January 2021

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