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Double examination of trademark applications: National Trademark Office develops worrying new practice

A new practice initiated by Colombia’s National Trademark Office is causing concern in the trademark community, as second-instance decisions - which, according to the law, cannot be subject to further legal remedies - are no longer the final decisions in the administrative process.

09 December 2020

‘.io’ Policy no BETR for complainant

This case shows that, even though the bad-faith requirements of the ‘.io’ Policy are more relaxed than those of the UDRP, the standard of proof of each alleged bad-faith argument under the ‘.io’ Policy is no lower.

07 December 2020

Amazon v InfoHealth and the reality of David versus Goliath trademark cases

In late November UK media reports seized on allegations of trademark bullying on the part of Amazon. However, this guest post argues that the situation was more nuanced than reported.

03 December 2020

Good news for Allergan as General Court confirms genuine use of JUVEDERM ULTRA in Class 5

This decision of the EU General Court in revocation proceedings serves as a reminder that trademark applicants must proceed with caution and ensure that the description of the goods/services corresponds to the intended use of the mark.

02 December 2020

BrewDog trademark dispute regret; CJEU rejects wine bottle; Clarivate acquires Hanlim IPS – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at spoon-bender Uri Geller giving his permission to use a Pokemon after a two-decade dispute, Spin Master signing a licensing deal with Warner Bros, and much more.

01 December 2020

Rhymes but not a crime: BOTOX v PROTOX

In a blow to pharmaceutical company Allergan, the Federal Court of Australia has concluded that the use of PROTOX and BOTOX in composite phrases for skincare products did not infringe Allergan's prior BOTOX marks.

25 November 2020

WTR Brand Elite analysis: October 2020

Featured in Stock market performance

The WTR Brand Elite indices registered a two-point drop in the month ending 30 September – their first fall in seven months. The latest results returned a similar decline.

23 November 2020

Only a few weeks left to make nominations for the 2021 WTR Industry Awards and WTR 300 projects

There's not long left to nominate corporate trademark professionals for recognition at the WTR Industry Awards 2021 and in the next edition of WTR 300: The World’s Leading Corporate Trademark Professionals.

23 November 2020

Brands and covid-19: trademark filing data reveals how businesses are cashing in on pandemic

Trademark applications relating to disinfectants, gloves and masks are on the increase, with Class 5 and Class 10 showing significant annual growth.

20 November 2020

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